Sunday, May 3, 2015

Opening salvos

@Chicago Scanner - 024: Shots fired 1628 W Sherwin #Chicago #ChicagoScanner #RogersPark

@Chicago_Scanner  ·  14h 14 hours ago

So, basically, shots are being fired in #Chicago

Sometime after midnight cannon like booms echoed through the outskirts of Chicago. 200 or so years ago it was the sound of flintlock and musket fire in the forest.

A half block east of Touhy Park rivals actual or perceived encountered one another last night. No news story or police tape or investigation as the shooter missed his mark.

The beautiful summer like weather means the return of old grudges and turf battles. Where the hotspot will be this summer is anyone's guess.

A city sign proclaims Touhy Park a gang free zone. However when competitors randomly run into each other everywhere; anywhere is the field of battle.

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