Saturday, May 16, 2015

"Get The F%$^ Outta The Road" Program

Group of kids early evening (tonight) bouncing a basketball with a pair of adults. Crossing the street one of the kids decides to lay down in the middle of the road. The other kids start heading back in forth into the intersection playing in traffic. One driver honks them and is able to drive on. This driver turns the corner and the ball bouncer decides to dribble close to this writers car.

"Get the F off the Street!"

The adults watching the kids didn't say it. Of course it shouldn't have to come to that. No one was doing anything about this dangerous behavior. Police SUV cruiser saw it and gave the kids (and hopefully the adults) an earful. Horseplay on the main drag is a good way to get yourself killed. Cross the street and move along. If you don't learn it at an early age you probably won't grow old enough to tell other kids the same.

The official get the f outta the road program was rolled out six years ago with mixed results.

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