Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Scratch Off Hall Of Fame

After Stephen Colbert finished selling off his Comedy Central extras he purchased 90 scratchers and a couple cigarillos. Smoking away on his favorite stoop he made quick work of the lotto cards. "C'mon Goddammit!" hitting nothing and then scattering them to the four winds.

Express Dollar Plus has plasterd their storefront with the small fraction that pay out. Their most successful coin scrapers have won one hundred dollars up to one thousand dollars. One Lucky Lottery store winner did win twenty five thousand.

Average spent before winning? In most cases equal to or exceeding the payoff. Most scratch offs end up on the sidewalk. Untold hours of our lives spent waiting for someone to buy their scratch offs. Well thats if we insist on shopping at the local bodega. At least we have smart phones to look at Twitter, Everyblock or Facebook to pass the time.

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escratchgames said...

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