Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mailbox Restoration In Progress

was halted due to quick thinking and action taken by police officer Mc Kenna and his partner this past Sunday afternoon at Greenview and Pratt avenues. A ticket was issued for this infraction for the defacement of federal property. The old adage no good deed goes unpunished surely applies here. This is why this mailbox is half black and half blue. The above photo was taken while waiting for the police to finish writing the ticket. The painters tape was put into place so as to protect the US Postal insignia and to double as a wet paint sign. Sadly the tape never served its intended purpose.

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Office Mc Kenna said he knew all about "beautification" projects and didn't want to hear anything about the restoration taking place. "Two wrongs don't make a right" "You are taking jobs away from other people" "What you are doing is just as bad as what the gangbangers are doing" "This mailbox is under the control of the federal government" Other reasons why this was considered foolhardy to even attempt was that some thug would beat me up or kill me for doing it. Ironically several neighbors thanked me for doing what was accomplished.

           The ticket reads "Possession of paint, marker, with intention to deface. Spraying a federal mailbox without the permission of the US Postal Service" It was issued at the 1500 w Pratt address.  The court date is May 3rd at 2:30 pm Room 101 @ 400 w. Superior Chicago, Il. If official permission must be obtained to restore the neighborhood then so be it. Odd that this police officer thought that this activity was worth his while to stop. One way or another this mailbox will be restored back to its original color. The city does a so-so job of getting rid of graffiti. The problem is, is that they create a patchwork mess of federal property in the process. Its a mailbox, not a black box or a green box, which they inevitably become. A widespread urban blight in our fair city.


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Craig Gernhardt said...

How ironic. Jeff-O may wind up doing regulated community service for performing rogue community service.