Monday, April 29, 2013

No Vacancy @ Mayne Annex?

                Pictures taken on Saturday of the sidewalk being poured in front of Mayne Annex. The cement was dry the next day. While taking pics was talking with Golden Mini Mart's storekeeper & Craig Gernhardt (of Speedy Northside Delivery fame). The bricks that were in a pile at the corner at Morse and Wayne have been set in place. As this is a local bus hub a lot of trash is generated, the planters were emptied of trash. 

              Word on the street is, is that the Mayne Annex is completely rented out, no need for any major marketing campaign. The for lease sign was taken down recently. Whoever was lucky enough to snap up an apartment has a superior place to hang their hat. Michael Brunner had hinted that Chevanston would get a chance to take pics to help with promotion, but calls made to the leasing agent haven't been returned. No need for further marketing these top notch units. Hopefully the tenants that live there can look out on Wayne Avenue's brick paved street for years to come.

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