Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ok To Post Bills Here (Phoenix Bankrupt! Released Today)

                Video for Entertainment, the first single. Phoenix played Saturday Night Live April 7th and they sounded great. In the old days record stores would open the night before at midnight and allow customers to purchase the new record, tape or CD. Nowadays it is usually available for illegal download months or weeks beforehand. People who buy music nowadays usually buy either vinyl or download. (Pitchfork gives the album a 7.5.)

                Pasted up posters are the only physical evidence we have now of new music here in Rogers Park as all the record stores have shut down. We do have Flatts and Sharp for musical instruments. The closest record shop is 2nd Hand Tunes on Dempster street in Evanston. There used to be (according to Google) a record shop at 1505 w Morse Avenue called Record Exchange. And Sheridan Records used to be at 7368 N Sheridan. We do have a revival of live music however with the Mayne Stage and Red Line Tap.

Please continue reading to see where this bill is posted


Craig Gernhardt said...

Old school music is alive and well in Rogers Park. I saw AJ Croce at Red Line a week ago. He play most of his dad's old music.

Melanie played Mayne Stage Sunday night. Good stuff.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Cool. Miss the live music at Duke's though. There were alot of good acts there.

Those two places are great (Mayne Stage and Redline), any other places for live music?

Would be great to have a place on Howard someday.

Shecky the homeless hebrew homo hobo said...

Itunes doesn't judge you when you buy embarassing music.