Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1211-1225 w. Albion Avenue

          The new apartments on Albion Avenue are looking nicer than the rendering so far. New appliances are being moved in. Extra detail work in the stone by the windows and doors give the buildings character. The sidewalk area in front of the building is just a muddy mess now. The buildings are labeled A through D, the E is missing from the last building in back. Those crazy contraption/ladders they use to finish off the facades are very cool. Sturdy iron balconies in back for the students hang out and have parties?, which shouldn't bother the neighbors too much as it faces the "L" stop as a buffer to the noise.

Click here to see how this development looked last year.

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Brittany Adkins said...

What is the name of these apartments and do you have contact info for them?