Thursday, April 18, 2013

BYOB @ Sol Cafe Jackie Chan Double Feature

          This movie still is from Jackie's best movie Who Am I?. (The movie poster can be bought on E-bay for 14.99). Sol Cafe 1615 w. Howard Ave this Sunday April 21st from 7-11 pm showing two Jackie Chan movies, Rumble In The Bronx and The Legend of Drunken Master. If not the first BYOB event on Howard, it is the first this writer has heard of. This is the beginning of the new movie event on Howard avenue called Sol Cinema.

           If you feel so inspired after watching these great martial art movies you can sign up later in the week for classes at Freddie's Modern Kung Fu at 1642 W. Howard just across the street, 773-888-7438. They have a cool blog. (This information was gleaned from the Twitter Feed, still good for something, thankfully Sol Cafe was able to restrain themselves from swearing somehow)

Update 4/18/13 10:20 am Please continue reading for pictures of Sol Cafe & Freddie's Modern Kung Fu

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