Monday, April 15, 2013

"More S&$% News" Courtesy Of My Times Prose

Screenshot of Twitter Feed present time
Click to read (Picasa pencil sketch)

           Logic would dictate that at this point no one should care what is on the Twitter Feed as long as its not racist or homophobic, does not openly threaten anyone's life, call anyone any names, or contain real news. Now it is just "sH&* news", bravo My Times Prose. It looked like this columnist had made progress but you have proved us wrong. Can't advertise a real newspaper or news site that has a silent radio full of profanity, so the link is being taken off the site. Sports commentary with s#$% this and FY&* that. You are making UCLA proud with your F^&*n news site.

          One can only assume that Mark is referring to the bombing at the Boston Marathon, in the old days this was referred to as a tragedy and that it is. Is that how people talk nowadays? "Hey buddy, did you hear the s&*# news today?" " Yeah F$%^n A, My Times Prose tweeted about that s%^&. D#$% it."  Or how about on the evening news? Tonight at ten we have sH%^$y news folks. Thanks for dumbing it down Mark. Is this really news and tweets from a college graduate?

         This is an example of how a decent legitimate site covers the bombing and tweets about it (Chicago News Bench). Not sure why hasn't picked up on this local Rogers Park site that actually writes articles about current events from a different point of view (sans cursing). You may not agree with the politics of Chicago News Bench but keeping up with the left and the right is important as neither political party or group is ever completely correct.

For screenshot of newspaperman and sportswriter
 Mark Schipper's site with "s#$%" news Please Continue Reading


T.Mannis said...

Sincere thanks for your remarks.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

No problem T. Mannis.

Swearing isn't interesting. That was a very annoying way to discover that there was a tragic event at the Boston Marathon. Would've much rather have seen your tweet regarding your article and then read that than reading some B.S. tweet from a supposed UCLA alum that loves to cuss. How old do you have to be before you find that swearing and cussing just isn't that cool? Especially in the news world.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...
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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

On the other hand Kyle Hillman did a great job as usual tweeting on current events, would've much rather have just seen his tweet which shows that the proper reaction sans cursing is possible on the modern silent radio of Twitter.

Stanley Katakowski said...

Profanity ain't got no place on the internet news.