Saturday, March 23, 2013

Illini Advances To Next Round & Mytimesprose Censors Itself

Duotone - gold and blue a nod to UCLA
           Since Mytimesprose is all things UCLA, its only fair to have some home town coverage of the Illini. Nice to see that Mytimesprose bleeped themselves tonight. Hey that's some F*&^n progress, give credit where credit is due. Have to say UCLA is this writer's most unfavorite team of the college world, would pick USC over UCLA every time. UCLA last won the NCAA tournament in 1994-5 season and they won a bunch of titles in the sixties and seventies.  The above screenshot is from 10:40 pm 3/22/13. This is a good use for the Twitter Feed on however, sports is minute to minute and these are entertaining updates. Vive le difference!

"Illini nation they dodged a bullet. They had a great first half in which they had sixteen point led but had a lousy first 12 minutes of the second half. And then the Illini shook off the cobwebs and they beat 10th seeded Colorado Buffaloes to advance to Sunday's game against second rated Miami. John Groce was his usual animated self for his opening round matchup today. First half was all Illini. DJ Richardson gets the pass from Tracy Abrams knocks down the three. He finished with 14. Back come the Buffaloes.
            Watching the ten o'clock news tonight we see that seventh seed Illinois beat Buffalo. Sportscasters talk a mile a minute, took awhile to take down word for word Jim Rose's recap of the Illini victory on channel 7. Couldn't write down anymore after that, darn Tivo only holds half an hour when not recording. Wasn't able to get John Groce's whole quote but he said the group showed "resiliency" which is an actual word. The Illini won 57-49. The real test with be the next game against the second seeded Miami. Illini have never won an NCAA championship and were last in the Final Four in 2005 and before that in 1989.

Update - Minnesota rolls past UCLA 83-63

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