Saturday, March 9, 2013

Profanity Now Allowed On Twitter Feed

Right of way sign



               Screenshot of Twitter Feed 7:30 pm CST 3/9/13 above right. RogersParker posted a tweet today that contained an obscenity. Her tweets make it onto the Rogers Park community Twitter feed of So knowing this why would you put a four letter word into that tweet? This is the same Twitter feed where official pronouncements from the alderman and  congressman's office are tweeted. Is someone watching what goes on to this feed? Or does just anything go? ( Pedestrians now have right of way at Farwell and Clark crosswalk)

Please continue reading for more pictures and commentary
and for screenshot of RogersParker's Twitter page.

                We must speak and write properly in the public sphere, if not there than where? The Twitter feed isn't the high school locker room or a bar. It is an important place for ideas and news  to be shared. Yes it will be cluttered up with people declaring that they went here, there or anywhere on Foursquare and more recently people declaring hey I drank this or that beer. But the line should be drawn somewhere. And RogersParker crossed that line with vulgar language in her tweet. Tweeting is microblogging and an important form of communication. Using tweets for such low purposes thwarts its design.

Update #1 - Benjamin Woodard's reply via tweet to evidence of profanity on's Twitter Feed @ 5:30 pm CST 3/10/13  (after removing RogersParker from the Twitter Feed) Benjamin Woodard ‏@benjaminwoodard "@RogersParker no prob. Jeff-O has a weird fixation with Twitter list feeds."

Chevanston's reply - Yes Mr. Woodard this writer prefers to get his news free of expletives. Nothing controversial or weird about that right?

Last updated 3/11/13 12:30 am

            Incidentally it is important that Illinois have a department of Right Of Way. When people are driving, bicycling and walking we need to know the rules of the road. Could not find this actual department via internet search but looking at various sites this office would have to do with obtaining land for certain transportation usages (this is Florida's Office of Right of Way), outdoor advertising on billboards, and vegetation management along the roads. One could only assume that Illinois' department would take care of similar mundane details. A more interesting discussion could've been had if there was a picture of the actual car with this department of Right of Way insignia and a description of what the office does, instead of an expletive laden line which provides no insight but only offends.

Bloggers Note - Benjamin Woodard did have RogersParker removed from the Twitter Feed soon after this story ran as evidenced by the following tweet. Benjamin Woodard ‏@benjaminwoodard

"@RogersParker  I had you on a twitter list for Rogers park which feeds that plugin. So it scraped your tweets. It’s a twitter embed thing."

         Was this the intention? Not particularly. Perhaps an apology from either or both parties and that would be that. Not sure if the higher ups at know what is going on with their Twitter Feed. Apparently this writer is the only one who has a "weird fixation" or even pays attention to make sure inappropriate content does not go unquestioned when it hits the default community Twitter Feed.

Cars are slowly learning to share the road with pedestrians who now have the right of way crossing the street


Gnorth Wind said...

Profane, obscene, vulgar? Would the Chevanston Ethics Tribunal approve Ms. King had she written "feces", "poop" or, God love the French, "merde"? Was it the word or the concept that offended the puritanical sensitivity? Would it be acceptable to shout "Fornicate Off"? Or was this comment primarily directed at DNAinfo's shabby sense of journalism? Is the Chevanston "freelance photographer" easily offended?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

There has to be standards. doesn't seem to have them.

Or is s*&% now an acceptable word to throw in anywhere. I imagine Gnorth Wind is referring to the photograph of the sign saying No dog poop. Poop is hardly a four letter word, sure saying it all day long will eventually get you in trouble but its not s&*(.

PhoebeK10 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gnorth Wind said...

Double standard? Phoebe gets trashed for tweeting the s*&% word but Gernhardt gets a free pass (Feb 18) for tweeting the bulls*&% word. Is this about "standards" or something else? He said: Blogger gives local nutcase #hell for tweeting absolute #bullshit. Http:// #hashtag

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@Gnorth Wind Craig's account doesn't make it onto though. Good point, that was bad of Craig to swear on his tweet. is a public account.

@Phoebe how is a screenshot of what someone put on the internet being a stalker? How many followers do you have?

How could someone not know that their tweets make it onto the Twitter feed of Rogers Park?

More importantly is what is wrong with

I guess anything goes. And that is news, now we know. Beware you never know what you will see on's Twitter Feed.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

How much information someone puts out into the internet is up to them. If someone wants to threaten someone like the tattoo guys at Mindcrusher with somehow discovering who someone is and publicly outing them is okay too.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

And swearing and cussing on the internet isn't okay whether Craig does it or Phoebe does it. Especially if your tweets make it onto the neighborhood news source for Rogers Park.

PhoebeK10 said...

"Philip," What is your Twitter screen name, please? The fact that you are taking screenshots of my Twitter page without my even knowing WHO you are is what makes you a stalker. Yes, I have lots of followers, but none of them are violating basic Twitter etiquette like you are!

As for not knowing I was on the DNAinfo Rogers Park twitter feed should not be such a surprise. Ben added me to the site's Twitter list, which escaped my attention. B/c I don't frequent the DNAinfo Rogers Park website (I get email alerts and click on the stories I'm interested in reading. I have no need to go directly to the site), I had no idea my tweets were showing up there. Thanks to Gnorth Wind alerting me about your stupid blog post I am now aware and have been removed from the feed, so YOU no longer have to read my vulgar tweets. And I want to know your Twitter screen name so I can block you, so I never have to be subjected to your ridiculous assertions, which is MY right.

And as I've asked before, please remove the screenshot you posted of my Twitter page. Now that I know you've posted it, you do not have my permission to leave it up. Please remove it--and your snide, nonsensical comment. Thank you.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I don't have a Twitter screen name Phoebe, the tweet was discovered by looking at the Twitter Feed. I appreciate your input and action taken.

If we cant question our news sources than the world is indeed a dark place.

Screenshots of the internet is public domain nothing "stalker" about that. If someone has over a thousand followers that is a big responsibility.

Chevanston only has two followers, so you have a five hundred times larger responsibility for your content. I wish you luck with your Twitter following, for the most part you do a great job Phoebe, thanks. Snide comment will be removed but the screenshot stays.

PhoebeK10 said...

Nobody's criticizing you questioning your news source. I have asked you twice to respect MY Twitter space and remove the screenshot. Just b/c you believe you have the "right" to post my Twitter page, doesn't mean it's the proper thing to do--especially since I've asked you to remove it, politely even one time. Side note: I am SHOCKED to learn that somebody without a Twitter account can see the home pages of Twitter users from Twitter news feeds. That seems like a failing of twitter to protect the privacy of its "customers." Learn something new every day.

Please remove the screenshot of my Twitter page. I am no longer on the DNAinfo Twitter feed and you don't even have a Twitter account I can block. It feels disrespectful and I know you are violating basic netiquette by refusing to comply when asked repeatedly to do so.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

A public apology from would in order for not monitoring their Twitter Feed and not alerting people that they are on it.

I guess being on the Twitter Feed is not an accolade or a feather in the cap or even an achievement. Strange.

Gnorth Wind said...

Posting in public forums gives up control of your words and any expectation of privacy. Learn from your mistakes PKten and be more discrete in the future. Twitter-land can be wild and wooly; definitely not a gentle playground for sensitive individuals no matter how much they may like to swear in public.

Fake Bar owner said...

I have breaking news from the Howard El area:

Unemployed losers are staggering around like they have a thigh rash.
Somebody peed against the wall in broad daylight.

Trash blowing everywhere, like tumbleweeds.

Generic people think that having a blog makes them important, especially "having an attitude", which is so cliche it's embarassing.
Ooh!! I have an "attitude". People are scared of me!! I got you banned from a message board!!! Cry yourself to sleep now!!
The real heroes of Rogers Park, their work goes largely unnoticed and they don't want pats on the back, because a job well done is satisfaction in itself.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@FBO Nah, really what is more cliche to knock anyone down who questions the status quo.

Guess society is really odd nowadays when people are up in arms with someone wondering why expletives are gumming up the Twitter Feed of a major news source on the internet.

Pretty controversial stuff. Print media isn't totally dead, but this is where most people get their news nowadays. The real news is the backlash against someone pointing out the problems with online media.

Jayne Rogers said...

We mustn't make fun or shed light on others who don't wish to have the light shed upon them. It's improper. When someone does that which we don't agree with, sometimes it is best to let a sleeping dog lay as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Jeffrey, please move on and apologize to the young lady.

Patricia Williams said...

Dear Jayne, either you suffer from verb tense confusion or you are obscene. Sleeping dogs generally lie down unless they are doing something nasty to another dog. Then they lay a direct object. In either case, the young lady, presumably not a sleeping dog, deserves an apology.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

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