Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sexcalade @ Joe Runge's

               Coolest thing about the Runge lot on Rogers ave is the Sexcalade ESV, chicks dig it. Otherwise the lot was a pigsty. This writer took about 20-25 minutes to clean up the debris in the small side yard and the yard in general. Runge has complained in the past about criminals hanging out by his place and actually robbing a customer. Well, if it looks like a trashy crime infested area it will behave like one. Joe Runge has no explanation as to why the area inside his place and parkway were in such sad shape. The picture that follows the jumpbreak of the side yard was after most of the trash was picked up. It is obvious that some bums or winos are hanging out at the Rogers "L" viaduct and inside Joe's yard with all the liquor bottles and detritus from fast food and chip bags, not fun stuff. These pictures are from this morning.

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Tommy Chipgard said...

Ugh those photos are disgusting. Thanks for cleaning some of it up. I bet there were lots of chip bags. Isn't Craig helping with this stuff any more? You are the only one picking up trash or removing graffiti and Craig even complains you don't do it the right way.

Jayne Rogers said...

Thank you, sweetie, for helping with the litter pick up and the graffiti removal. Unlike some others, who complain often and do nothing ever, AHEMhardt, you are a gem!