Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ms. Demeanor's Photo Du Jour

Photo Credit - Ms. Demeanor

               Ms. Demeanor posts photos every day, a lot of them are of Rogers Park. This is one of her best. It is of Wayne Ave looking east towards the four greystones which have the same shared front yard (fenced in). They must be all owned by the same company or person. These buildings were recently unitized with green awnings. Looking back at Rogers Park's history there was an infamous murder in one of these greystones. Will update this post after consulting the tome at home. Most of the time you are looking at courtyard buildings from the street towards the building. This view is much more interesting. Too bad more courtyard buildings aren't open to the street like this one. This picture is entitled "Another snowy day", which is looks like what we are in for today. This photo was taken February 27th. Ms. Demeanor also maintains the blog entitled "How to build a substation" chronicling the creation of the electrical substation at Farwell & Glenwood.

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Jayne Rogers said...

How very lovely, Jeffrey. Wonderful find!

Ms. Demeanor said...

Thanks for the plug; glad you like the picture! The murder you referred to was committed at 6823 N. Wayne in 1909 (making the houses a little older than i would have guessed).

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Yes that was it Ms. Demeanor. There is another picture yours that is even better that that.

The Morse L stop with the L train arriving in fall. That is my favorite.

Well one good turn deserves another!