Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Super Stressful Movie Coming Soon

               Mixed messages. On one hand you have a beautiful model imploring you to use their phone and phone plan and right next to it is a cautionary tale about phone calls. Which is it? The phone is either sexy or terrifying? Or maybe it is just blue tooth technology similar to Halle Berry's headset that is horrifying.

              Like most Americans you lead the life of riley and have hardly a care in the world right? This intense nerve racking movie The Call maybe right up your alley then. It will transport you from your idyllic, peaceful life and dump you right into the hellscape from your worst nightmare. If you enjoy watching the popular anxiety producing Criminal Minds, wondering how someone is going to be saved at the last second from a run of the mill serial killer every week then you will probably love The Call. In fact this writer received a call from the studio confirming that a few moviegoers from each preview audience had genuine panic attacks. (just kidding)

Please continue reading so see where this advertisement is located

Just another serial killer movie on the horizon.

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