Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Occupy Rogers Park Plans Demonstration @ Alderman Cappleman's Office

            Rogers Park's organization of the left has decided that Alderman Cappleman is fighting a "war on the poor". At approximately 7 am this morning they tweeted that they will be joining the alderman for a community meal Wednesday tomorrow at 5pm at his office in the 46th ward. Click here for their twitter page. Perhaps they would be happier with Alderman Shiller back in the fold to maintain the status quo in Uptown? (The above flyer is from Occupy Rogers Park's Facebook page.)

(Latest) Update #5 3/6/13 9:30 pm Dnainfo.com provides excellent coverage of the actual event which featured the usual suspects including the infamous Thomas Westgard dressed up as Marie Antoinette, Jon Trott with his bullhorn, no picture of Jeffrey Littleton however, did you make it Jeff?

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Update #1 @ 1pm 3/5/13 - Occupy Rogers Park has posted a pigeon on their Facebook page with the caption "Alderman Cappleman wants to treat the homeless as humanely as he treats me (Mr. Pigeon). Does that mean he's going to trap them in nets and bring them to a shooting range in Indiana for target practice?"

Update #2 9:30 am 3/6/13 - Food at today's event from 5-7pm in front of Alderman Cappleman's office  will be provided by Food Not Bombs the outfit that worked out of the Mess Hall in Rogers Park and is always giving away free food at the Morse L stop.

"Join us in front of 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman's office this Wednesday, March 6 from 5-7pm for a community gathering. 
Soup will be provided by Food Not Bombs at no cost, to anyone and everyone who wants a hot meal. Other food donations are in the works.  
We will also hear from community members who are concerned about the alderman's plan for our neighborhood. The recent incident concerning the Salvation Army food trucks is only the latest example in a series of callous maneuvers by Alderman Cappleman. But we, the residents of Uptown, will not continue to stand idly by as he sells off our community to the highest bidder. "
Update #3 3/6/13 @ 11 am Dnainfo.com publishes a story summarizing the situation. http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20130306/uptown/capplemans-war-on-poor-rogers-park-activists-protest-uptown

Update #4 3/6/13 @ 5 pm OccupyRP RT @BaburRealer #FoodNotBombs is getting ready to serve food and WGN also at the @UptownUprising event was recently retweeted.

             This outrage has to do with Alderman Cappleman's proposal to shut down one of the last cubicle hotels in the city the Wilson Men's Hotel on Wilson (needless to say the living conditions there are substandard). The Hotel Chateau is going to be renovated for market rate housing in nearby Lakeview the southern part of Cappleman's ward. Recently Alderman Cappleman's attempt to get the Salvation Army to change their approach to feeding and helping the homeless has drawn criticism. Mr Cappleman is a social worker with lots of experience and it makes sense to try a different approach if the current one isn't yielding good results. Or maybe it is just easier to say he is waging a war on the poor?

              First we have Organization of the North East marching upon the home of Chicago Flats partner Jay Michael in the Gold Coast and now we have Occupy Rogers Park up in arms against Alderman Cappleman. Sounds like Uptown and Mr Cappleman are on the right track if these organizations are upset. Yes there is nothing special about these neighborhoods that they are deemed permanent resting places for concentrated low income housing. In order for the city of Chicago to move forward Rogers Park and Uptown have to be allowed to improve and for the whole region to share the resposibility for housing the poor and indigent. Most recently the Wilson Men's Hotel one of the last cubicle hotels in the city may be shut down causing an uproar among those special interests wishing to keep the city mired in the past.


Isadora MoonlightLonetree said...

I'm like way totes more excited about the snow to care about this.

Unknown said...

Occupy Rogers Park...stay in your own ward! We don't need you in Uptown. We support our Alderman. Why don't you try to help find a solution rather than blaming our Alderman for trying to come up with new ways...since the old ways aren't working.

Patricia Williams said...

Occupy RP leader Ginderske loves social democracy so much that he quit a Ward advisory group because they all disagreed with him on a single vote. So much for his and Occupy RP's open-mindedness. They are has-beens.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

Occupy RP!

You are welcome...I will see you there.


Jeffrey Littleton said...

I speak in my own name, you are too ashamed or cowardly.

Occupy RP come on down.

I am 3rd generation Uptown baby...not some "unknown" fickle clown.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

All opinions are welcome here Jeff L!
(well unless they are too vitriolic) Thanks for contributing. When are you going to post something new on your blog?

Pretty interesting discussion on Uptown Update concerning the whole Mark Brown article on James Cappleman. Chock full of very long discussions by Irish Pirate.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

I am blocked from UU...thought u knew. topped reading IP a long time ago...too cornball.

I have a lot of friends throughout Uptown....richest to the poorest. Cappleman lost supporters, he lost white professional progressives. I get a slight whiff of desperation in UU posts, what is the latest, anlate night talk radio interview....really.

We are petitioning all of Cappleman's endorsers and guess what...they are not pleased the two I have talked to. All will be called on this.

There are some big falsities getting thrown around from the alderman, not going to detail he is doing quite fine making an ass of himself as it is.

Elections have consequences and so do the actions of elected officials.

It is about time. Interesting all of the buzz on UU about where Mark Brown lives on your UU...do you see a problem with that blame the messenger approach? In all of the articles they post never a peep about where the author lives. Check out the radio interview, she is not even in Chicago, saying the get a free buffet in the park. Well they get a cup of soup by the curb. Ignorant.

I ate from that truck, I am not ashamed because I am walking evidence that Cappleman's " best practices" is a wagonload of dung.

Am I a chronic problem on the streets? We don't see the successes only the failures because they are out there, the success stories pass on, they exist, I exist and we are very numerous.

Cappleman showed his ass last week and the city got a good look.

Fake Bar owner said...

I was going to go pass out deodorant and soap, but then I remembered there was a good episode of "Two an a Half Man" on WGN about that time. Charlie nails some broad, and Jake made a fart joke. Good times.
Also, WHUT.
There were some leftover Occupiers in tattered clothing busking by the Loyola El last summer, scaring off the hotties, so I guess it's also "cockblock Rogers Park".

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Didn't know Jeff that you were blocked from there, sorry to hear it. Always good to hear from both sides.

Anita Hanjaab said...

Good to have you back Littleton. You are much better at blogging than at trying to do art although I just love your Warhol look that you attempt. It is very retro. You need to start a new blog for us.

Pancetta Bardini said...

Dear "unknown" fickle clown, the translation of "3rd generation Uptown" means transplanted West Virginia Hill-Billy. Them's the ones what are slowly being pushed out of Cappleman's Uptown. Kissin Cousins is what most other folk, outside Uptown, call husband and wife. Occupy can have that neighborhood if they want it.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

Warhol? har har..:

That's funny, glad I am not a insecure art student or your t-bone comment might leave me in a bad hurt.

But the Warhol comment is kinda funny. I just had a photo shoot, a photographer doing an artist in studio thing. I was going to get my haircut way overdue but everyone said to wait. I remember joking..."but il look like Andy f@#kin Warhol".

He does good work bradleyfoto.com

of course I was joking....I'm way better lookin' then long deceased and celebrity obsessed artist.

Even in the dead of winter I am no albino, some Italian heritage helps.

But since you know me Anita I might ask....who the hell are you?

Jeffrey Littleton said...

uptownarts.blogspot.com....yea jeffo is right its been quiet...no need to start a new blog for cryin in a bucket.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

It no biggie. Screw 'em.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

How much you want to bet UU will not even publish a comment with my name in it Mr. Rogers?

It's funny how they made a post about nominating residents and businesses for the 46th Awards. Until the community nominated me, imagine that, a Capple gig and his people chose me as "innovator" ......I can send ya a link maybe.

But go ask UU about it they know so so much....;)

Pancetta Bardini said...

How sweet. Two Jeffs for the price of one. A RP Jeff, nice guy, and an Uptown Jeff, total jerk. Anita is one of us so don't mess with her Uptown Jeff.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

My family came from Memphis in the early 50's. We is city folk thank ya kindly.

Please be careful you don't one day choke on your own vile Bardini.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

Booooooring! I am one of the nicest people you could meet.

Example......The Alderman Cappleman yes me b'cuz I call him out. Yet his supporters nominated me for an award.

If jeffo says ok il share a link to it but enough Uptown for now.

So I give you a nice polite middle finger.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

Your Craigie actually made a good comment today on the latest Uptownica.

Then he made a joke about the pigeons....everybody is these days.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

What link do you want to share?
As long as it isn't to a porn site it should be okay Jeff.

Guido Sarducci said...

Clever Rogers Parkers join Uptown Uprising in attempt to keep the homeless and the poor down in Uptown and out of Rogers Park. Thank you Westgard, Gernhardt and others. Keep the homeless down there and not up here. Will check in later; am off to elect a new Pope.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

I can't cut and paste on this android....basically I've been nominated by Capplemans supporters for the 46th ward awards...its a bit of a surprise. I think bcuz I am on the ballot your beloved UU won't post it which is cute.

I must be doing something right....

Anyhow if your interested I'm sure there is more on the Citizens for Cappleman site. If I go to the award show/campaign fundraiser I am wearing my ONE gear.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

Ummmmm...btw...I think.Anita is a dude. .... figure it out guys.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

Ask UU about the 46th Ward Awards Jeffo if you please.

Kick it up a notch from just reacting to what is posted and commenting. Be a journalist...ask questions.

Helen said...

Um, Jeffrey, "she's" not the only one.

JeffreyLittleton said...

Hi Helen........it would not surprise me a bit.