Saturday, March 2, 2013

News Report Based On Limited Information

             "Loyola Security Officer Pulls A Barney Fife" the previous caption was taken down due to its puerile and juvenile nature. The new heading is better and would do well at the beginning of an Onion article. The title of the Loyola Phoenix article is "Campus Safety Sergeant Fired After Shooting Gun Inside Department's Roll Call Meeting" (This was first posted by Loyola Phoenix on Feb 27th this past Wednesday)

Update 3/2/13 6:45 pm - Patrol Officer B brings up a good point, the news report filed by Loyola Phoenix is very vague concerning the details of the case so any speculation regarding the situation is just that. There isn't enough information present to determine if the correct action was taken. That is pretty much a given with most news stories regarding shootings.

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From Wikipedia on Barney Fife.
One major comedic source is Barney's lack of ability with a firearm. After numerous misfires (usually a Colt .38 caliber revolver), Andy restricts Barney to carrying only a single bullet in his shirt pocket, "in case of an emergency." The bullet always seems to find its way back into the pistol, where, predictably, it is accidentally discharged. The accidental discharge of Barney's pistol becomes a running gag.

Tasers, bullets and guns oh, my.

           Aren't we being a little hard on the campus safety sergeant? How many times did Barney Fife accidentally shoot off his gun? Accidents happen, to err is human. If you have a loaded weapon and you let someone look at it without the safety on an accidental discharge is bound to happen. Isn't that one reason why guns are bad? People can be clumsy and accidental shootings kill a significant number of people every year. According to this article about six hundred people die a year from accidental shootings.


Helen said...

As usual, the bike boy is a little late with his "news." I got an email about this incident two mornings ago.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Hard to keep up with all the news immediately. Still good to discuss it a few days later than never.

What do you think Helen? Should be people be allowed to learn from their mistakes? Was the safety on? I wouldnt hand a loaded gun over to someone to look at it with the safety off.

Should you even hand someone a loaded weapon to check out if you aren't at a gun range?

Wouldn't it make more sense to keep it empty until you need it loaded or maybe empty it before handing it to someone?

Guns are so dangerous that it definitely that they take ginger and careful handling.

Helen said...

What do I think? Sure, I think people should be allowed to learn from their mistakes, but not when those mistakes are with a loaded gun that goes off.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@ Helen.

But humans are error prone, making guns plus humans a bad combination.

In the old days they were probably more lenient with such accidents.

Patrol Officer B. said...

Incident occurs Jan 17. Phoenix reports old news on Feb. 27. Clued in Craig tweets on Mar. 1 with a cute Barney Fife spin. What's to "discuss" based on stale, highly redacted, partial information? Will a final Chevanston opinion and brief be filed with the Jesuits following the "discussion" or is this just an open forum for debating gun control? Other than old news, what's the point?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

You havent ever accidentally shot off a round have you Officer B?

Stanley Katakowski said...

I accidentally shot off my mouth once or twice.

Craig Gernhardt said...

OB, Rogers Park's very own Barney Fife.

Sal Carlotti said...

Of the tens of thousands of "accidental shootings" each year don't look at professional law enforcement or military personnel. Look at the second amendment rights folks, the concealed carry proponents and wannabe cops who can only qualify for "security" jobs. Do any of those sound familiar CG? Check the facts.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@Patrol Office B,
Then on 3/7/13 does another article on the same story. Officially beating a dead horse.