Saturday, March 16, 2013

F@#&ing UCLA, What The F&%*? S&^*! More Coverage @


        "Where did you learn that naughty word?" shouts the incredulous mother to her eight year old son. "F&*(ing mom." he replies. Well good to know that four letter words are now part of standard programming on the new local news behemoth MyTimesProse written by Mark Schipper who is a newspaperman and sportswriter is the latest tweeter to swear like a sailor on the defacto community news feed of Rogers Park. Apparently getting your sports news with F this and S that is part of life in this brave new world of Twitter and tweets. The above screenshot is from 9:20 am this morning.

Update #1 3/17/13 10:45 pm - (Time to embrace the new media) - What the f%^& the s$%^ was up with UCLA losing that day anyways? God d#$% it. MyTimesProse was spot on with its coverage come to think of it. "S^&* the F%^&n luck" indeed!

Please continue reading to see the screenshot of MyTimesProse

              This isn't the first time that sportswriter Mark Schipper dropped the F bomb either. If you look at his Twitter page you see he used the F word back on March 14th.

 " Mark Schipper ‏@MyTimesProse
@TheBruinDen Fuck yeah. That was a huge comeback"

So is allowing a known writer who likes to swear onto their Twitter Feed. Is that normal? To look for community announcements and tolerate four letter words with your daily news? Not sure what the point of his Twitter account is either, this isn't California, so the percentage of people who care whether UCLA wins or loses is extremely low. Would make more sense to have someone tweeting about U of I or NW or anything midwestern on the Twitter feed.


Jayne Rogers said...

Now Jeffrey, let's not obsess over minutia. DNAinfo's "Twitter" feed is not a source of news, nor is it intended to be news. It's a pulse on the community. People have voices. Sometimes colorful voices, too. All are welcome. If you don't like it, simply divert your sensitive eyes to the next page and everything will be ok.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Nah Jayne, I expect more from our preeminent News Source for Rogers Park.

"People have voices" is not an argument.

If what you say is true, then isnt a serious news site. If we can agree on that, then there is no more argument. Is it a real site for news yes or no?

Newspapermen and Sportswriters swear like sailors now? Guess didn't know that.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Swearing for the fun of it is cool in highschool and college, thats fine. Is this news only for the immature though?

Atleast B. Woodard doesnt swear in his tweets. Why are others allowed to swear? Does this not offend anyone?

The fact that no one cares about this is NEWS. A new uncaring stance on proper language has now been established.

Jayne Rogers said...

DNAinfo is a serious news site and a serious organization. They have a small Twitter window on their site that followers of DNAinfo's tweets occasionally land on. I do not know the internal workings of DNA info and whether or not they can unfollow offensive posts but to be the judge/jury/executioner for that job alone would probably be a full time job for one or two people.

Have you personally written or said anything to DNAinfo or have you simply held screenshots hostage and repeatedly brought it up here in hopes that someone at DNAinfo is tuning in to Chevanton for advice on how to run their publication?

Newspapermen and sports writers ALL swear like sailors. Especially sports writers. I was married to a news man myself several decades ago, before he ran off with his secretary.

Willy Fisterbottom said...

Holy Frick we got us a Pope tellin' us how to not do what with who in bed; a local Word Nazi tellin' us how to not say what we want to. What's next? The Shyte Gestapo tellin' us how to wipe our A$$es and how to fold the TP? When they start tellin' me what drugs I can't enjoy I'm sendin' them all off to the Taliban Resort in Mecca for a Hadj holiday and stoning women Olympics.

Jayne Rogers said...

Now, now, dear young William. It's good to see you're awake and out of your most recent drug induced coma. Thank you for your opinions. Now please pick up your heroin needles and wire hangers and be off!

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Willy using the word Nazi for something like this is inappropriate. What the Nazis did was really bad, so why is that word bandied about so easily?

No one is telling anyone what is right or wrong? We really need to tell someone it is wrong to swear on the local news site?

Hey Willy thanks for taking the argument to its natural conclusion. There can't be any standards because then we have to do what Willy says. Dang it Willy.

B. Woodard reads this site regularly. Maybe he won't admit it but he does.

@Jayne newspapermen may swear and cuss, but they dont PRINT it. And since print media is dead, the new media is on the internet which includes Twitter.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@Jayne, trying to minimize the impact of Twitter is silly.

Why is B. Woodard using Rogers Park News to tweet his stories on it then which are already on that same page? Because it increases pageviews A TON. Thats why. People like using Twitter and checking the Twitter Feed on

Guido Sarducci said...

Whatsa matter you people? One gotta thing about swearing. One gotta thing about drugs. One gotta thing about tweets. Everyone gotta thing about something. Play nice. Don't stick your noses where they don't belong and they don't get dirty. Know what I mean?

Jayne Rogers said...

It's strange, Mr. Rogers. Some of my posts don't seem to make it online. Is there a problem with the website or are things being censored?

Helen said...

Sigh. Jeff, I manage to read DNA without ever seeing any of the tweets you obviously look for. I suggest you blame yourself for even seeing what offends you. And, BTW, a tweet is not print.

Tommy Chipgard said...

Did the Puritans just land on a rock at Rogers Park or am I missing something here?

Jayne Rogers said...

Well, Mr. Chipgard, I think you might be right! My heavens: we have a newly anointed Miss Manners right here in our very own community!

Allison Pinkbottom said...

Thank you for protecting us Jeff. There is no place in civilized life for words like that.

Craig Gernhardt said...

I'll keep from swearing, but I'm miffed at this blogger. Jeff-O comes by today, cleaning out the streetscape flower gardens on Morse, with a hole in his plastic bag. It's dripping some nasty goo all over the sidewalk.

Guess who had to clean up Jeff-O's mess?

You SOB.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Sorry Craig and thanks for the new garbage bag! :)

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Let the tweeters on swear their little hearts out.

Best F*%$n News Site on the internet.

Tommy Chipgard said...

Is "Craig Gernhardt" a real person or a psychopath sock puppet using someone else's real name. After running a test on CG's comments, he (or she) scores very high on both the ASPD and PCL-R scales. Danger, danger, danger.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Which comments do you want deleted Tommy Chipgard? No one is above contempt Chevanston included.

The question is, is anyone else willing to do the hard work to make the internet more interesting and less offensive?

Also Chevanston isnt, if that is the standard to follow we are all in trouble. Any constructive criticism is always welcome. Thanks Tommy.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

So what Tommy Chipgard suggests is a witch hunt of everyone. Which is fine. All or nothing.

That isn't going to happen though. Nice try Tommy.