Sunday, March 3, 2013

Graffiti Practice Wall


             The local taggers or graffiti artists wasted no time in capitalizing on the new canvas, the newly revealed brick wall after the Ho and defunct laundromat were demolished.  This the neighboring yellow building still bears the mark of shame, the dreaded red x.

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             This is more in the realm of street art than just run of the mill graffiti (atleast it is trying to be) You have to practice before you put up a decent piece. This composition suffers from poor color choice, weak shading and really lack of concept.   In order to really create a decent piece of graffiti art you need either permission, seclusion or preparation ahead of time like a stencil. This wall is too exposed now as the fence is down, and its on a busy street. Consequently you will only get hastily put tags.
February photo taken through chain link fence
               This picture was taken last month, and after checking today it hasn't changed much. Free walls or areas where graffiti or street art would be tolerated have a mixed results, on one hand you get better art and on the other hand you encourage more tagging. But it doesn't have to be an either or proposition. If local neighbors and the city encouraged sanctioned street art (carrot) and had a graffiti tracker program (stick) you could have the best of both worlds. They actually distinguish between the two in London where Banksy's pieces are left alone.


             Looking today at the building "Swine" has been added on and the featured graffiti tag hasn't been finished. Swine is an inappropriate add on because this building still has a red x. Nothing fancy about that.
Big difference between this graffiti practice and a decent and realized piece like the one featured here. As you can see the fence is gone and the ground is flat.

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