Wednesday, March 6, 2013

West Ridge Walkers

                 The upside down walking man sign was hanging by a thread. This picture was taken this past Sunday. Before this situation could be rectified it has disappeared leaving its twin lonely. Perhaps one pedestrian sign is enough for this intersection?


rogerspark60645 said...

This is the worst intersection in West Rogers Park. Due to the strange curb cuts, outsiders don't know how to navigate the traffic light. When you have the green light, people just sit there. I have seen so many accidents here. I tried for years to get a crossing guard for the St. Margaret Mary and Rogers School kids but it never came to be even though the State of Illinois considers it a "hazardous intersection," and cuts checks to parents who choose to drive their kids to school. This is also the spot where you'll see television cameras parked trying to get film of the murdered lottery winners' wife. She owns/works there and the media likes the large windows to shoot through.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@RP60645 Thanks for the info, didn't know that the TV trucks were hanging there.

We may have to expand our West Ridge coverage for you! :)