Friday, March 22, 2013

Morse & Lakewood On A Postcard

               No swearing or cussing on this old postcard for sale on E-bay for nine bucks. A one cent stamp sent this card all the way to Menominee Falls, Wisconsin to Miss Ethel and Mildred Jeffery. This postcard was postmarked November 30th, 1914.
             Your postal received. We both thank you very much for remembering us on Thanksgiving. I didn't cook a big dinner as we had to be in the store all day but mother brought us up some of her dinner. Turkey, cranberries, onions, mash potatoes, plum pudding, celery, fruit, etc. (last word hard to make out) Were we not stuffed? Bert and Alma

Please continue reading to see how Morse & Lakewood looks today.

not best pic due to glare of sun

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John Verkleir (with Steve Browne) said...

The balconies looked to be a nice deal. Too bad.