Monday, March 11, 2013

March Upon Joe Moore's Home

Protest sign planted in the snow hill on the alderman's lawn                         
           Now this is what a Twitter Feed is supposed to be. The modern equivalent of a silent radio. A ticker tape of new information. Is this writer obsessed with Twitter? Quite possibly, mainly because it can keep us apprised of breaking news. Here we have an example of multiple reports coming in of actual news. This story was covered by two of Rogers Park's bloggers Bill Morton & Autumn Davids.

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Proof that's Twitter Feed
can provide breaking news you need to know
(screenshot 3/10/13 at 9:30 pm)
              Apparently there is fear of a sneaky underhanded closing of Gale Elementary School located at 1631 w Jonquil Terrace in the North of Howard area of Rogers Park. There already was word on the street that a new charter school is to open in Rogers Park called the Orange school and another charter school opened in nearby West Ridge in the last year (UNO in the old St. Scholastica Academy building). Word 49 reports that a public meeting was held at Willye B. White park by teachers and parents to protest charter schools. They had expected the alderman to come out in support of their cause. Word 49 captured photographs of the protesters marching towards the alderman's house. According to Rogers Park in 1000 words the teachers and parents are afraid that Gale School will eventually be closed since their attendance is so low and they wanted firm support from the alderman to protect their school. 

Joe Moore's lawn with hundreds of flags
                  No picture actually captured these five hundred protesters in front of Joe Moore's home, at least that has surfaced yet. The hundreds of yellow flags planted in the front lawn are evidence of their presence there though. Each of the flags read Gale Student. The only protest sign still standing reads "Yes To Public And No To Charter". Another protest sign appears to read "Just Say Yes Joe To Public Schools" This march occurred the early evening of 3-10-13 after group that convened at Willye B White center were upset with the alderman's absence. According to the Tribune the group called POWER hosted the meeting. They knew that the agreement that Joe Moore signed concerning his support to stop the building of new charter schools in Rogers Park was non-binding. The Tribune reported that 582 flags (each representing a student at Gale Elementary) in total were planted on the alderman's front lawn. and Benjamin Woodard promised a story in the morning via Rogers Park News. 


Blair Wentworth-McCormick said...

Persistently marginalized dissent does not qualify as being a "leading voice". Nor does trashing the front lawn of a City Council member qualify as adult political discourse. It was more like the inebriated overflow from a St. Patrick's Day ragtag mob.

Autumn Davids said...

Thank you for such a great article. I wouldn't say we're a leading voice, I would just say that we're active.

It's a shame Joe Moore wasn't there, I think this is something he should have attended, given the massive response the community had.

I'm very much looking forward to a response from Joe Moore to this event.

Jayne Rogers said...

I don't think littering a poor half-retarded man's lawn with rubbish will change the world. Now it's best we grab a recyclable plastic bag and a broom and go clean up this mess. Oh, the litter!

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

It was pretty much cleaned up this morning @ 7:30 am except for a few errant flags here or there.

Patricia Williams said...

The Alderman is exceedingly patient with persons of great passion but who are not highly articulate and not necessarily "from the community". It was more of an entertainment event including lots of outsiders than it was serious communication on the issues. Is "flash mob" the correct term? They all had fun and didn't break any windows or burn cars on the street. IMHO their chants were embarrassingly substandard.

Helen said...

"Rogers Park's leading voices in news, Bill Morton & Autumn Davids" ??? You've got to be kidding, Jeff. What you mean is one of Rogers Park's leading Moore haters and his girlfriend. You sort of neglected to mention, Jeff, that the group was well-aware that the alderman was out-of-town on long-scheduled business. Morton should have been aware of that too. The Tribune got it right. Marching to the home of someone they know is away on business is kind of dirty pool, don't ya think?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@ Helen, Well perhaps leading voices is a bit much, but we are not chock full of writer in Rogers Park in the blogosphere. Will edit that part.

Joe Moore haters? Well there is something between love and hate, perhaps they just dont see eye to eye?

Autumn Davids said...

I, in no way, have an issue with the Alderman.

Bill, while he doesn't agree with many of the Alderman's decisions, has no issue with him as well.

We are waiting patiently for him to work with the Chamber, and are attending his Follow Me Friday events as much as we are able.

And, I must say that calling me just "a girlfriend" is a vast understatement. I've earned my place in Rogers Park, and request that people judge me on my own merits and not the actions of those before me in which I have no say of.

Helen said...

Autumn, didn't your teachers ever teach you not to end a sentence with a preposition? Back to school for you. BTW, how have you "earned" your place in Rogers Park. You are unknown to me except as someone who slavishly posted whatever your boyfriend wanted posted on EveryBlock to promote his alleged chamber.

Patricia Williams said...

Let's be fair to the Alderman. He is busy and has to focus on what's important. RPCoC, though it has a catchy name, isn't an important mover or shaker. It's mostly just two persons, a personal blog, a website and a FB page. In comparison, RPBA moves and shakes. Let's be fair to the Alderman.

Max Madd said...

Autumn, you're right.
H is wrong.

Max Madd said...

Autumn, you're right.
H is wrong.

Max Madd said...

Autumn Davids & Bill Morton's blogs are great!

They are very well established RP personalities and their opinions deserve respect.

Thank you for the good work.

Autumn Davids said...

I am the Secretary of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, the official, legal Chamber for Rogers Park.

I work with Rich Aronson of the Business Alliance.

Also, I hold the position of Secretary at Willye B. White's Park Advisory Council and attend as many Loyola and Touhy Park Advisory Council meetings as I can.

I'm the Secretary of Bill Morton Promotions, a legally operating small business in Rogers Park.

I assist with audio and video transfers at Quest Network Services.

I regularly photograph Rogers Park, have attended CAPS meetings, constantly write about the on-goings I see, and notify Ben Woodard of any updates I think he might find useful.

As well as all of that, I work with The Deviant Minds, NFP as an assistant to it's founder and CEO, Amanda Torrey, all while maintaining a regular 9-5 job as an in-home flex worker to CJE.

I have even attended the events the Alderman hosts on Fridays. I saw you at Morse Gyros. Bill and I received a special request from Faisal to attend. I also went to the event at Greenleaf Art Center and the one at Taste Food & Wine.

All of this is readily available at,,and, all of which I write for.

On top of all of this, I'm slowly putting together a blog of my own, called Rogers Park Activities. The link is here:

What more can I possibly do, Helen? I'm more active in our community than most can claim, and I spend the very little free time I have researching it's history.

Guido Sarducci said...

Girlfriends, boyfriends, dangling propositions and alleged chambers? Let's play nice and keep in mind where it's at...friends. See? Even an old priest doesn't dangle his propositions behind. By saying "friends" it was good considering.

TinkerBird Morton said...

The event was so awesome I even brought my cats to march in solidarity with the other species who protested.