Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why Did Marie Antoinette Recently Reemerge In Uptown?

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     This is a reproduction of the last painting of Marie Antoinette by Nicholas Serov (incidentally this oil reproduction can be all yours for $579 bucks on E-bay). The last image we had of her until she recently resurfaced on the streets of Uptown in front of alderman James Cappleman's office.

          There were protesters from Uptown Rising and Occupy Rogers Park there at Alderman Cappleman's office last week up in arms about perceived slights against the lower class and undomiciled of Chicago. The last time Ms Antoinette hung out with a mob like that she got guillotined. You think she would've learned her lesson a few hundred years later. If someone returns from the dead wouldn't they try to avoid the situation that got them killed in the first place? If ever there was an inopportune time or place to make your first public appearance as Marie Antoinette this would be it. No wonder she looked horrified.


             Independent sources have confirmed at press time that she left with her head still attached to her head. She has landed on her feet and is now living in the Gold Coast section of Chicago. The local aristocracy have taken the frightened and shaken young woman under their wing while the effects of resurrection wear off. The money that was wrongfully separated from the young queen upon her first death has been reunited via the French government grudgingly. The mob did look angry and that was quite a risk for her to take just months after coming back to life. The first few accounts of her reappearances were written off as the blatherings of mad men. Now we have solid proof that she exists. Studying the literature concerning resurrection we see that it takes months and maybe even years to regain your full senses and faculties after being dead so long. Hopefully Miss Marie Antoinette will be more careful in the future.

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