Friday, March 15, 2013

Unification Church Of Chicago

           Located at 7077 N Ashland this building was built in 1916 and has been home to the "Moonies" or the Unification Church since the late nineties. This blog entry is also an example of what Rogers Park in 1,000 Words would look like using a jumpbreak. The day these photos were taken (yesterday) People's Gas work being done on the street.             

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             Place looks more deserted than the usual church. There is graffiti on their dumpster by the parking  reserved for pastors, so maybe there is more than one (pastor)? The building has two metal inscriptions, one is Unification Church of Chicago and the other is the Holy Spirit Association For The Unification Of World Christianity. If Mr. Moon isn't the most recent messiah or prophet he is pretty close, interesting to contemplate that Christianity has spawned so many prophets, not just Jesus or Joseph Smith. This is probably what a lot of religions looked like in the early days, cults. Mormonism is just starting to shake its cult status (numerous polygamous compounds exist today).

                There is also a sign reading HSA-UWC Chicago Family Church, so many names for the same religion. There is evidence that graffiti on that sign was removed in the recent past. No wonder they keep such a low profile, because its got so many strange names. HSA-UWC stands for Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. There is also a sign in Korean just the right of the entrance on Ashland. Mr Moon also founded the Universal Peace Federation and the Family Federation For World Peace And Unification, Internation Relief Friendship Foundation, Religious Youth Sevice, Service For Peace. This Washington Times article does a great job summarizing Mr. Moon and his life.

        The inside looks like a soul hasn't entered in many months. There is a sign just inside the Ashland entrance which states "Let's keep God's house clean". The chandelier hanging from the drop ceiling in the Chicago Family Bookstore on Estes is the only evidence of life. What can be seen of the inside looks unkempt and unused. There is a small bookcase in the bookstore with a few pamphlets and books here or there. Equipment of unknown variety sits on the floor in the darkness. It keeps an area interesting and vibrant to have a lot of ideas and religions, hopefully this unique church will thrive in the future here in Rogers Park.


Davey said...

As you pointed out earlier, they moved to Sheridan Road, no?

As to the Washington Times doing "a great job summarizing Mr. Moon and his life", I highly doubt it, seeing as it's owned by the Moonies.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

The Washington Times is owned by the "Moonies"? It is, holy cow that's amazing. Its also amazing how ignorant this writer is of this giant very influential organization world wide which has local chapters in our little burgh.

I don't think they moved to Sheridan, that is just another organization founded by Mr Moon. He founded a lot of them.

Helen said...

Davey knows whereof he speaks about the Washington Times. Don't confuse it with the Washington Post, Jeff.

Sarah Pearce said...

That building has been in use by the Church since the 70s, I believe. I was last in it 16 years ago, sad to see it run down. The Sheridan road building is the missionary center, where the full time members live. As for Davie's derogatory comment...small minds have small thoughts.