Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weinstein Brothers Funeral Home For Sale


                  Just across the street from the new coffee shop Ellipsis on the Rogers Park side there is an old funeral parlor up for sale. This business had a dramatic deadening effect on this stretch of Devon Ave. There are a ton of parking lots on Devon for this funeral home and others where there should be buildings and businesses. Ironically there is a poster in a back window advertising for Batesville caskets (A Hillenbrand Industry). Most of the signage is gone, but a few remain in the back lot and the back door (Notice this lot will be chained July 11th cars left here will be towed at owners expense). An air raid siren or megaphone still sits above the front door on Devon. The front door offers a few numbers to call in case there is no answer at the door and has a sticker proclaiming that it is protected by Stand Guard.

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            What will be the future use for this block stretch of parking lots? From Wayne to Lakewood on the south side of the street the asphalt spans, great for street hockey and skateboarding or parking, but that's about it. Kitty corner to this parking lot is the Weimeskirch funeral parlor parking lot.  Above right the ominous Batesville advertising in the window. An appropriate name for a casket company  Below we see what the Weinstein funeral looked like a few years ago from the Google Maps image and below that how it looks today. The stain glass is still there, curiously though there are new doors to the left hand side of the building and an attempted breach to the right handed set of panels along with a splotch of black paint? above it. Someone had a pizza by the side entrance and left the pizza box there. The iron gates for the double back doors look like something out of a horror movie. Someone thoughtfully left their liquor bottle on a back sill so that the caretaker wouldn't have to bend down to pick it up.


Isadora MoonlightLonetree said...

LOL I'm totes glad these guys got out of the funeral business and into the movie business. They make totes amazing movies!

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Isadora, perhaps you are thinking of the Wachowski brothers.

It would be a waste for those guys to run a funeral home though, but probably very entertaining.

Isadora MoonlightLonetree said...

OMG the Wachowski brothers are totes awesome but one of them is gender reassigned so i'm not sure they're brothers anymore. LOL anyway I meant the weinsteins of hollywood lol

Allison Pinkbottom said...

Perhaps more affordable housing for Rogers Park. That would most certainly be a welcome addition. Or a soup kitchen now the we are losing the free food service near Morse.

Anonymous said...
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