Saturday, March 30, 2013

Advertising Circulars An Urban Blight

             This apartment building at Birchwood and Ashland managed by EJM generates more than its fair share of litter and garbage. The parking lot in back is usually full of amazing amounts of trash. Various kinds of trash occur at this location. This particular blog post illustrates the blight of advertising circulars. Evanston Now recently had a great article regarding these nuisance papers. The problem is worse in Rogers Park where either of their own accord or through youthful indiscretion these papers are let loose upon the world and then litter an entire block. This block of Birchwood is often a ghost town with lots of litter on the parkway, giving the appearance that the thugs are in control which is strange given that most of the block is made up of single family homes. Are we to let a few badly managed apartment buildings dictate the look and character of the block?

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