Monday, March 18, 2013

People Who Don't Give A S#@% By Gerald Farinas


              Gerald Farinas enlightened Rogers Park and Edgewater on his microblog last night with an incisive look at what the f^&* is wrong with this city. Apparently there are some sons of b^&$*es out there who think just because trouble doesn't happen on their block then who gives a s%^&. He ends the discussion with the dramatic conclusion that these people are idiots. Well said fellow (micro)blogger Farinas. The above screenshot is from just before midnight last night from

             Chevanston decided to followup Gerald Farinas' fresh look on city problems and we did our own polling. 75.7 percent of the population at large just don't give a s%^&. 7.3 percent of the population wished there was something they could do to help but were still glad the violence wasn't in their back yard. 1.2 percent of the population didn't understand what the problem was and looked dangerous. The rest that were polled said they didn't give a flying f$%^. But looking at the population that didn't give a s%^& closer we see that half of them actually really couldn't give two s%^&s. There was an across the board 24 percent who added "What the f$&* you gonna do?"

Blogger's Note - Sorry Mr Farinas, Chevanston thought you were a tighty whitey guy. If you return the underwear gifted to you from Chevanston for Valentine's Day we will gladly exchange them for you for some boxer briefs.

Blogger's Note #2 - Gerald can be serious when he wants to be, he has a great blog called 312 Chicago Phoenix which does an excellent job covering Gay and Lesbian topics on the the local, national and world stage.


Davey said...

Speaking of not giving a S#$%, do you know your email hasn't been working for weeks? "Not deliverable" or something like that.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

Gerald is cool......i think the reason a lot of people don 't give a %#$ is because when they try to contribute they find out it doesnt mean %#$& and the process is clogged up with uptight %#&@$$ and people who just like to &#*@&.

Another thing is the mobility of Americans...we mobe too much annd dont become as rooted in the neighborhood.Times have changed.

Jeffrey Littleton said...

Can you send me your email Jeff I have a cross town RP/Uptown idea to toss at you.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

It still receives junkmail.

Patricia Williams said...

Gifting underwear for Valentine's Day? Is that a weird in-joke?

TinkerBird Morton said...

There is a rumor that censorship is happening on this blog by the moderator or a new person. Is that true or will my question be censored? My BF thinks that the blogger from Hellhole is taking over.