Monday, April 22, 2013

Brick Paved Glenwood Avenue Rogers Park, Illinois

            This is the most exciting and worthwhile project up for consideration on the upcoming Ward 49 Participatory Budget voting ballot. The stretch of brick paved road is much longer on the Lunt portion of Glenwood and runs the majority of the stretch from Lunt to Morse, the Farwell portion is much shorter and runs less than half the length from Morse to Farwell, ending near the alley by Sidecar.

             Early voting begins April 29th until May 3rd & actual voting is on May 4th, check the link for additional information. "Glenwood Avenue Cobblestone Restoration: Historic cobblestone would be restored on Glenwood Avenue between Lunt and Farwell avenues. Estimated cost: $200,000." Cobblestone is the euphemism commonly used for the brick paved streets we have here in Chicago.

             The question is what does the restoration mean? Would the entire length of Glenwood from Lunt to Farwell be restored (excepting Morse Avenue itself ofcourse)? The brick paved areas still untouched by asphalt needs repair, but there is brick paved street that could be restored underneath the asphalt.

Last updated 4/22/13 10 pm - Photos were HDR and cross-processed with Picasa 3


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

These shots were taken lying on the street.

Isadora MoonlightLonetree said...

OMG you like really WERE really on the street. Wow! that's like soooo totes war correspondent journalist. really getting in there for the shot, despite all the OMG danger!!

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Just kidding Isadora! :) And that is not recommended for anyone to do that.

Just held the camera on the ground.

Shecky the homeless hebrew homo hobo said...

If you lay down too long in Chicago, they WILL draw a chalk line around you.