Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Who Is Elliot Frazier?

The above screenshot is from the Sun-Times. The photo is from Elliot Frazier's Facebook account.

Ayo Maat posted on Chevanston July 7th - "Who was shot July 5 near Jarvis? Someone reported it happened at Jarvis station and was the son of a well-known Rogers Park resident. I want to know before I call the family"

From NBC Chicago News on July 8th - "One murder was reported to police about 5:15 a.m. Friday in the Rogers Park neighborhood. Elliot Frazier, 26, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds in the 7400 block of North Paulina Street, authorities said. Frazier, of the 7400 block of North Winchester Avenue, was pronounced dead on the scene at 7:10 a.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office."

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Please continue reading for more pictures and words did a write up on the murder of Elliot Frazier. Actually its more of an outline. Listing the why, where, when, victim, suspect, motive, criminal charges and sources. The pending criminal charges when and if a suspect is caught would most likely be first-degree or second-degree murder.

A Jargowood email revealed that the decedent was likely a Gangster Disciple. It looks like the man in the photo above has his hand in the same configuration as the GD hand sign turned to the side.


           Looking through the White Pages it would appear that Elliot Frazier is the son of Wayne Frazier. Wayne Frazier works for Ward 49. He takes care of infrastructure, parking concerns, etc. He is a well respected and well known resident of Rogers Park. There aren't many Fraziers in Rogers Park; especially Fraziers who are 26 and related to well known members of the community.

           More data is gleaned from reading the Facebook page of Elliot Frazier. There are pictures of him hanging out late on Howard street. On one there is a video of him hanging on Howard street late at night with the caption "we on it". There are numerous photos of the deceased holding hard liquor with the same GD gang hand sign. When you get to the very bottom of Elliot Frazier's Facebook page you again see that Wayne Frazier is the father. Looking at Wayne Frazier's page you see a man who would have the same connections someone would have who works for Joe Moore.


        This booking dossier matches up with the age of the Elliot Frazier who was killed on North Paulina on July 5th. His Facebook photo is obscured by his hat, but the faces match up. In 2007 (10/6/07) he was charged with FELON POSS/USE WEAPON/FIREARM and sentenced for two years. In 2010 (7/11/10) he was charged with THEFT/CONTROL/PERSON <$300 and sentenced for two years. Most recently in September 2012 he was charged with 720 ILCS 5 12-3(a)(2) [10530].  (720 ILCS 5/12-3) (from Ch. 38, par. 12-3)
    Sec. 12-3. Battery.
    (a) A person commits battery if he or she knowingly without legal justification by any means (1) causes bodily harm to an individual or (2) makes physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature with an individual. "

           This report is nothing more nor less than what Uptown Update or Broken Heart of Rogers Park would do after any murder in their respective neighborhoods. The absence of any meaningful coverage of this story in the major media outlets reminds us why there is a need for a reliable area blog. If there isn't one (reliable area blog) for Rogers Park then its the communities fault. Because Uptown Update is a collaborative effort between neighbors.

    printed a story about the homicides in Chicago. In it they claim that they sought out the stories of every single homicide victim. So if the family of the victim refuse to talk then that's that? If you are a known gang member and are a homicide victim you have lost any possible anonymity. We have murderers out there on the loose in part because there is no pressure in the media on the community or vice versa. Gangland murders in the old days were splashed across the front page. and the Chicago Tribune currently write up one article to include all the deaths.

         What is news? News is reporting on important stuff. What is more important than murder? And people running around shooting at other people? Writing on the shiny happy events in the neighborhood is great for morale. But if we don't catch this killer more people will die. Even if its just "gang bangers" being killed does that make everyone feel better and safer? Drive-by shootings far too often involve innocent bystanders getting caught in the crossfire. How long will it be before someone decides to avenge Elliot Frazier's death? Or when will the killer decide to off someone else?  If Elliot Frazier is the son of a prominent Rogers Park citizen then it reflects poorly on, the Chicago Tribune and the Sun Times for not delving deeper into this story.


Patrol Officer B. said...

Are you quoting Reverend Joyce (Ayo) Collins-Maat (f.k.a. Joyce Lowe in late 60s and 70s) nee McMorris, Joyce O. Collins, Joyce O. Maat, Joyce C. Maat, Ayo C. Maat? If so then please give proper attribution.

Sal Carlotti said...

Jeffy what compelled you to elaborate on the identity, crime history and family association of this particular gunshot victim? Does it have anything to do with your relationship with the Alderman or his staff personnel? You seem to have deep, personal interest in this story for some peculiar reason.

mcl said...

Thanks for providing this information to the community. Every senseless death is tragic, no matter who the victim. I've known Wayne Frazier for over 25 years and I knew his son Elliot when he was a small child (as many RP residents). Despite what others may think, I think this is important news story for our community and certainly SHOULD have been covered and seriously reported on by those who try to lay claim to being legitimate, locally focused media? (i.e., where's DNAinfo on this?!) Thanks again, Jeff.....good job!

Patrol Officer B. said...

Serious reporting by "those who try to lay claim to being legitimate, locally focused media" does not target, in great depth regarding family background, "selected" individuals. When it appears to be muckraking mcl, just fess up to it. A little perfume, a pretty pink dress and renaming a pig Monique doesn't change the fact that a pig still is a pig. This still reads like selectively targeted "muckraking". Sensationalism.

mcl said...

You're entitled to your opinion...and I'm entitled to mine! I don't see how this is "muckraking" (that's what a lot of people call investigative reporting when they get under the light). BTW, in this city and most others, there is ample example of adult relatives of public officials being investigated and reported on by the local media.