Saturday, July 27, 2013

George Zimmerman Case Protest @ 1790 W Lunt Ave

Yahoo wrote a short article about eclectic homes in Rogers Park and posted it July 25th this past Thursday. Included in the list was an apartment complex at 1790 w Lunt. A place already strange enough to be mentioned with their unique installations. (CDs, hubcaps, license plates, Slinkies, construction lights, clocks, lightbulbs, flags and toys hang from trees, fences and tree stumps inviting second glances from pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists alike.)
"After Florida jurors acquitted Zimmerman, the house's owner put up a large mirror outside. Next to it are newspaper clippings of Zimmerman and his attorneys covered in plastic and blue tape that says, "Zimmerman-Dirty Murderer" and "Cover up Dirty Lawyers.""
On Friday someone at 1790 w Lunt posted another laminated newspaper cut out concerning the Zimmerman trial in the front yard. Red ink highlights the title of the article, two key lines and the date.

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July 26th, 2013  Juror Says Zimmerman 'Got Away With Murder' "It's hard for me to sleep, it's hard for me to eat, because I feel I was included in Trayvon Martin's death," (said) Maddy.

Yesterday Juror B29 who sat on the six man jury who acquitted George Zimmerman discussed the case on live TV (ABC). Her opinion was that Mr Zimmerman got away with murder. She went to say that given the evidence though that was the only conclusion the jury could come to.

"But as the law was read to me, if you have no proof he killed him intentionally, you can't say he's guilty," she (Maddy) added.

An odd juxtaposition. The picture of Zimmerman with his lawyers labeled Dirty Murderer and Dirty Lawyers next to a mirror. Is the passerby supposed to look at this montage and then reevaluate themselves and their thoughts? Below we see another article cut out and posted yesterday with the same title underlined in red.

Juror B37 appeared anonymously on Anderson Cooper's CNN show afterward, and said she believed, "Trayvon got mad and attacked" Zimmerman.

It appears that the posting of articles and newspaper clippings at 1790 w Lunt may continue for the foreseeable future. At least as long as new information comes out from the jurors or the civil suit being brought against George Zimmerman. Which will probably be awhile; judging from all the strange stories about the case or surrounding the case that continue to come to light.

A few stickers have been posted around the neighborhood with the tagline " I am Trayvon Martin" with the outline of Trayvon wearing a hoodie.

People walking to Metra from the west have something to look forward to on the way to work. An insight into whoever lives here and what they think of the George Zimmerman case. And a chance to take a look in the mirror and think about their opinion.

The case has polarized the nation on the issue of race in this trial. There likely exists another house somewhere else posting articles with the opposite view point.

This house (situated in the country in a red state) might cut out and post this article discussing how an Ohio gun group raised 12 thousand dollars so that George Zimmerman can buy more guns or a security system to protect himself. 

Fox news published this article entitled "My George Zimmerman Moment". Another good article for this hypothetical or actual pro Zimmerman house to display.

Like most things the actual truth lies somewhere in between the extreme views held on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. The biggest takeaway point is that whenever a gun is involved in any conflict serious or fatal consequences are usually the end result.

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Cereal thriller said...

People really need to let this go, I know it isn't fair but there's this thing called "Double Jeopardy" that has nothing to do with Alex Trebek.
They are just stirring up hatred and violence and people are disrupting the Loop with useless marches and protests.
How about the entire legacy of the Bush administration?How about trying to do something about that? A couple of needless wars, thousands dead, etc.