Friday, July 19, 2013

Rogers Park Tree Has Been Disappeared

16 hours ago Rogers Park Tree tweeted its last tweet. This special tree somehow navigated its way onto Twitter after death.

Dead grass from where the telepathic tree lay for so many days is now all we have left of our leafy friend. Maybe we will hear from RPT someday in the future if it is allowed (by the government's military scientists) to communicate with the outside world again.

It is possible that some of the tree's psychic powers rubbed off on the dead tree still standing. Perhaps there is life after death?

Currently the dead tree has 23 followers and is following 10 people.

Its parting words were, "I had a good run in the Fightin 49th! Look for me in the wind, the sunshine, the debris left in your neighborhood that politicians forget!"

The astonishing run only lasted four days, from July 14th til July 18th. Rumour has it that the Alderman's office had something to do with the tree's disappearance. Maybe they found it embarrassing that a tree had been lying on the ground so long that it had finally learned how to open a Twitter account to pass the time.

Please continue reading for more pictures of RPT

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mcl said...

In your top photo the tree that remains standing looks to be dead and will probably fall from complete rot before the local politicians proactively have it removed and replaced.