Monday, July 22, 2013

Condo Smarts? & Joe Moore Under Investigation

Chronology of news alerts

7/22/13 3:30 pm -'s Benjamin Woodard just filed a report regarding these latest allegations against Joe Moore.

7/23/13 1:00 pm - Joe Moore being recognized by President Obama. That's the life of a politician. Under the microscope for any possible wrong doing and then off to meet with the president.

7/24/13 9:09 am - The prize that Joe Moore won is not being awarded due to the current investigation.

Soundbites from Anne Sullivan and Joe Moore made it onto NPR WBEZ this morning.

Anne claimed she was paid off to shut her mouth regarding work being done in the alderman's office that was not above board. Joe Moore answers the allegations by explaining that Anne was fired for being incompetent and she was paid a lump sum of money for all her over time work.

Please continue reading for more pictures and words

Per anonymous "Hi Ya" via email

 "There's seminars hosted by the Alderman featuring a real estate lawyer who caused massive amounts of trouble for several condo associations here in Rogers Park. Though it was under the best intention he created the seminar, I don't think he or his office know this attorneys full back round (sic). Let me know if I'm able to warn others through this blog."

As Mark Spamsmith pointed out this anonymous email most likely is someone with a grudge against this law firm. There is no specific evidence backing up "Hi Ya" 's claims. What this illustrates very clearly is that the world of condo boards and condos is not for the faint of heart. Animosity between condo owners themselves and with their renters can build up over time resulting in litigation. And lawyers can't always fix cases where its people/humans fighting against each other either for rational or irrational reasons.

The source also emailed the condo smarts info sessions brochure and the home-made anti Ebony Lucas emblem. There has already been one meeting for condo owners helping them navigated what it takes to be a condo landlord. Upcoming meetings in August, September and October will cover general condo FAQ, condo board and renter relations, and effective ways to collect assessments respectively.

Looking at Yelp there are only two reviews of Ebony Lucas, one good and one bad. Not much else found via internet search. The firm is headquartered in Kenwood on the south side of Chicago. Listed on their website as areas of practice are Tenant Evictions, Real Estate Transactions, Condominium Law and General Litigation. (Condominium comes from Latin com - together dominum - right of ownership. The first modern condos started in 1958 in Puerto Rico and slowly spread throughout the USA in the sixties.)

***Also news broke Sunday 7/21/13 (11:30 pm) via Chicago Tonight WTTW 11 that Joe Moore is being investigated in an ethics probe. Faisal Khan is heading up these investigations. He has been the Legislative Inspector General since November 2011 for the city of Chicago. Previously he worked for New York City in the same capacity. The following quote is from the Chicago Tonight article posted last night "A report issued ....... concludes that "an alderman" abused his authority by firing a staff member for blowing the whistle on political campaign work being done in the ward office. Multiple sources have confirmed that the alderman in question is Joe Moore. The report said that Moore provided a taxpayer-funded severance of $8,709 and "told (the staffer) she should not speak to anyone about the activities at the ward office."***


Mark Spamsmith said...

Do you have any more info on the alleged misdeeds of Ebony Lucas.
For all we know your anonymous email was from a person that has a grudge against Ebony Lucas for evicting them.

Jeannie Jarvis said...

Oh dear it seems that boozy Anne Sullivan woman is at it again. What a hateful, childless soul she is. Wouldn't you agree, Jeffrey?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

That's true Mark Spamsmith.

Chevanston will preface their quote as such.

Pris Stratton said...

Lay off Anne Sullivan. She was one of my best friends and a real Jammer when we both skated Roller Derby together. Did you know she racked up giving three concussions to the Miss Fits? Her nickname was T Anne T.

Max Madd said...

We need a new alderman.

Anonymous said...
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