Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Day Later @ Lunt Fire, Just West Of Rogers Park

This morning the Advance Glass board up company came early to secure the property in the 2100 block of west Lunt (near Bell in the West Ridge neighborhood). A large fire raged yesterday afternoon (7-24-13) on the Lunt side of this large corner apartment building.

Neighbors were lingering at the site this morning asking each other about what had happened or recounting what they saw yesterday.You can tell its early morning by the sharp glare cast by the sun in these photos. An older man who had a large digital camera was taking photos of the fire damage.

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One of the workman from the board up company swung from the window above the entry door to an adjacent window where the building juts out five - six feet. The large green mail box (where mailmen keep their carts and white boxes) was moved off of the parkway and placed onto the street to make room for the firetrucks yesterday. The mailbox was still on the street this morning.

On the TV local news this morning it was stated that the fire may have started due to a malfunctioning floor sander. According to numerous sources one man was burned, critically injured and taken to St Francis hospital for treatment. filed their report; the fire was labeled a two alarm fire. Click here to see the confusing definition of multiple alarm fires.

The last two photos show the Bell side of the building which emerged relatively unscathed. Only one window was boarded up on that side. The Lunt side had windows boarded up from the first floor to the third floor with sunshine showing through the roof. Two of the closed in balconies were affected on the Lunt side and the space in between.

A sign partially tacked onto one of the first floor board ups states "This Fire Loss Being Adjusted By A.Schoeneman and Co Inc. Specializing In Fire Adjustments & Repairing Of Fire Losses For The Insured"

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Unknown said...

I was a resident of one of the badly damaged units in this building. The managemnt company, Urban Equities, did nothing for me. The only correspondence I received From Urban Equities was an email telling me to sign and return an attached waiver form that said I would hold them harmless for all damage and to allow them to immediately enter my unit and dispose of all of my personal property. It is without a doubt the most reprehensible and disgusting behavior to which I have ever been subject when dealing with a management company.