Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Helianthus Annuus @ Leonard Dubkin Park

Pertinent facts...

  • Sunflowers require full sun
  • Kansas is the "Sunflower State"
  • Sunflowers are annuals
  • The seeds are edible, the flowers are not
  • Most sunflowers bloom midsummer, some late summer
  • Generalist and specialist bees are attracting to this flower
  • Leonard Dubkin park is located @ 7442 N Ashland

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Jeannie Jarvis said...

How can you be taking pictures of flowers when there is a terrible corruption crisis on our hands here! The flowers will be drenched with the salty tears of the fallen soon. Oh the calamity! I feel like I could faint!

Pris Stratton said...

Jeannie let's meet for drinks. Something very stressful seems to be going on here. The corruption crisis is going to collapse on the whole community.