Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Zombie Proof Door

"Your entry code is secret. Be careful who you give it to."

               VPS is short for Vacant Property Security (Specialists). Their motto is "Caring For The World's Vacant Property". From their website "Steel doors can offer protection and high-visibility deterrence, while our steel screens far surpass the security offered by traditional wood. These doors are fitted with a pair of three-lever locks, giving double-locking protection. They also come complete with piano hinges to ensure that the door cannot be removed." Headquarters located @ 4010 S Morgan Street Chicago, Illinois.

           Another cool product they sell is the AC Fortress which (launched June 2012), "encapsulates the air conditioning unit with an impenetrable 14-gauge steel protection structure. AC Fortress has a unique patented design with proprietary brackets with no pry points to minimize tampering. It's exclusive anchoring stakes and process provides 2,000 pounds of resistance at four separate points." Here is a blog post from the Deuces Wild site detailing how to successfully breach the door in case of emergency (for firefighters).

Certain areas in Rogers Park look ready for a zombie apocalypse

"Your new fortress and home base"

"Peephole to make sure the coast is clear before venturing out.
And to identify if friend or foe is at the door."
"Sadly VPS or anyone for that matter can not be contacted
since communications broke down a few weeks ago."

"Door in secure config"

"Door in open config. Don't be out too long looking for supplies.
Remember only use your pistol in emergencies, they are drawn to loud noise.
And always relock door to keep intruders dead and undead out."

"Steel plated windows for extra safety."

"Don't make the entry code too long.
 In an emergency you will need quick access to safe haven."

"Barbed wire has proven to be an excellent deterrent against walkers."

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