Sunday, June 16, 2013

Greenview & Farwell June 2013

1444 w Farwell's yard. The charred door still lies
on the ground from a fire this past winter.
           Rather than possibly incur the wrath of those loitering this writer decided to use a different image for this discussion. At approximately 5:50 pm today a group of youths were obstructing the sidewalk and hanging on the fence @ 1420 w Farwell. This is of one of the Council for Jewish Elderly buildings for senior citizens. This writer walked on the other side of the street because it wasn't safe to walk past this gang. Kids at that age (late teens) are unpredictable when left to their own devices. 911 was called and about ten minutes later a paddy wagon was dispatched to disperse the group. Is an apartment building for senior citizens a good place for hyperactive unsupervised youth to hang out?

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Litter  has been added mercilessly to
the debris from the fire. This adds insult to injury.
              The fire at 1444 w Farwell has created an atmosphere of doom, despair and neglect. The litter has been left to sit and accumulate ever since. The parkway has sat untended for months with broken glass and trash. If neighbors had pitched in to throw out the debris it would've been gone by now. The trash cans for 1444 w Farwell have sat idle in the yard in the meantime. There is no reason why they can't be put to good use. To let the garbage fester and accumulate invites crime, Its also a great place to throw away evidence. A fire is not an easy thing to deal with. This is especially true with a duplex. For the community to allow this corner to rot in the meantime is asking for trouble. This writer has begun the process of throwing the trash out.

Broken glass in parkway
           People are either afraid to overstep their bounds or have the attitude that I will only take care of what's mine and that's it. And in Rogers Park that kind of attitude can get you in trouble. The criminal element can tell the where the areas of neglect are and they will loiter and cause trouble there. There is a "force field effect" which can be noted when you see parkways that are cared for and then the abrupt change in those not. Yes some neighbors either won't or can't take care of their parkways. Not taking up the slack either out of spite or principal can backfire. Because caring or not caring for the land sets the tone for the neighborhood.

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Tommy Chipgard said...

Whoa. These postings are getting weird. What's this all about? Is Mr. Rogers smoking some serous dope or what? These postings are getting like out of space. Share the weed man. Ganja is God.

MattyM said...

I walk by there all the time. I constantly smelled what I thought was a garden full of smoky chipotle peppers. Then I realized this house was on the corner.

TinkerBird Morton said...

My boyfriend and me grow our own chipotle peppers but we only use organic rain water and no toxic chemicals on them. There are too many chemicals in the world and that is what is killing all the birds and causing all the cancer. We should only eat pure food and ban cars from our neighborhoods and around schools. Cars are the main cause of autism.