Thursday, June 6, 2013

Backdrop Of Act One Cafe Al Fresco Dining Gang Controlled?

           "Darling let's go to Act One Cafe and hang out on Morse. I hear the diner across the street is controlled by the Gangster Disciples. Should make for an interesting evening, there may even be a shoot-out." Laurie's Pizza in Uptown is an example of a restaurant where gang members roamed freely. How did that end? With a thirteen year dead and the restaurant shut down. It would be extremely idiotic for the management of Morse Gyros to tolerate the gangs (they won't), because eventually there will be a fatal shooting and then the restaurant will be shut down.

            Giving into gang intimidation will not make you any safer than you already are. Why? Gangs shoot at gangs, and sooner or later the rival gang will come by to shoot at them and you may get shot in the process. So the GDs are feeling the heat and can't hang at Morse and Greenview? Now they want back into Morse and Wayne? Nah, that's okay, no thanks, we don't want our corner shot up either like the Common Cup was. Calls will be made to the alderman's office and Mayne Stage/Act One because they have to know whats going on here. Joe Moore doesn't hold Follow Me on Fridays @ gang controlled restaurants, does he?

By the way, at press time there was a cat carrier up for grabs in front of Reside on Morse, it might be still there, to see a picture of it please continue reading.


Patrol Officer B. said...

Thanks for the sermon Preacher Rogers. Keep on calling the Alderman and Act One to let them know what's going on. You also might make one call to 911 when you see suspicious gang activity. After all, the police can do things the Alderman and Act One can't. How's that idea sound to you?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

The Alderman should know that gangs are terrorizing Morse Gyros.

Act-One (especially Act-One) has to know what is going on across the street.

As we have seen (Common Cup) ignoring what is going on across the street can be hazardous to your health.

:) Preacher Rogers, I like the sound of that. Whatever it takes, who cares? But this isn't a secret, that's what the gangs want. 911 is called when appropriate.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Never called Actone/Mayne Stage hopefully they got the message though, just as no man is an island, in this neighborhood you ignore your neighboring businesses at your own peril.

Its all one neighborhood, what affects one side of the street will affect the other, as we still don't have forcefields.

Patrol Officer B. said...

Didn't call but hopefully Actone/Mayne Stage got the message? Are they clairvoyant or is Chevanston all talk and no action? Speaking of talk, Faisal would not be pleased knowing that Chevanston's "talk" online implied "the diner across the street is controlled by the Gangster Disciples." If not slanderous, that comment was irresponsible and untruthful. Most certainly not at all "neighborly".

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I like criticism. Its not slanderous P.O.B., first hand I noticed GD's going back and forth into the back of Morse Gyros to charge their cellphones and then they left the diner to do a drug deal with a known drug addict from Threshold. They were walking in and out and in and out of Morse Gyros like they owned the place, hence the GD's had control of Morse Gyros.

The cook there Jerry didn't throw out their food even though they were gone for ten minutes. The GDs were using Morse Gyros as their new HQ. Faissal was apprised of the situation and things have been taken care of.

I point out this situation because it isn't a dirty little secret. And Act One shouldn't be ignorant of their neighbors and local businesses should know each other and how they are doing. Its by being aloof and careless that the gangs come back and take control.

True Act-One isn't clairvoyant and perhaps they will never read this blog (doubt it), but the point has been made and in the future if it is again a problem they will be told.

What is the neighborly thing to do? Keep quiet. Giving into gang intimidation is what is unneighborly.

P.O.B. so one promise isn't fulfilled making Chevanston all talk and no action? Look at all the examples of graffiti removed. You can't just cherrypick for your argument and expect to be taken seriously.

Faisal would be fine with this talk, its getting it out in the open, gang intimidation is not easy for ANYONE to deal with.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

The fact is, is that Act One should know whats going on across the street, WAY better than just joe average citizen me, that is, if they are really concerned about the safety of their patrons.

Businesses can't be strangers to one another, not on Morse. That's what the gangs are counting on.