Saturday, May 11, 2013

Common Cup Drive-By Shooting

Screenshot of Craig's tweet (more pics on Craig's Facebook account)

           Craig Gernhardt on Twitter and Chicago News Report both just reported that a drive by shooting took place an hour ago in broad daylight at Morse and Greenview. If you aren't following Craig Gernhardt on Twitter you won't be informed on up to the minute info regarding Morse and the surrounding environs. Blog post put here for those not wanting explosive discussions at CNR. More pictures and info as they become available. One of the bullets apparently hit the coffee shop Common Cup and one person was seen limping away from the scene. Please click on picture for a better view.

            Has there been loitering near the Common Cup? It was an issue back in 2011/12. If gang members loiter at a corner gunfire is sure to follow. Because the other gang will get jealous of the territory they are hanging onto and then they will shoot at them. Density of coffee shops in an area has been shown to decrease violence. This study here was actually done in Chicago spanning the years 1991 to 2005. Guess the gangbangers missed school the day they covered this topic. Either that or the researchers didn't take into account the bangers from Rogers Park.

Update 5/11/13 #1 -5:40 pm - no word yet from Trib or yet but we are sure Mr Woodard is hard at work on the case. Took photos of the crime scene about twenty minutes ago, which you can see (along with all the updates) if you continue reading.

UPDATE 5/12/13 8 am - Benjamin Woodard just contributed to the story on DNA and fills in the knowledge gaps. The proprietor of Common Cup Ruth Hoekwater recounted how a bullet whizzed by her head and they found the bullet fragments in the bathroom wall. Also the stolen Mitsubishi Galant (the vehicle the shots were fired from) was found @ 2200 W. Lunt ave lodged in someone's fence.

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Duct tape covers the bullet hole that pierced the Common Cup coffee shop

Update 5/11/13 #2 - 6:00 pm  - Chicago News Bench just filed a story a few minutes ago. New info includes  "An update to the CNR report said police were looking at an abandoned vehicle, in which they found shell casings. "Authorities believe the car was used in the Morse Avenue shooting," said CNR. & "The limping suspect was last seen going into a gangway near 1443 West Morse, said police" That's quadruple local coverage & all start with the letter C! (C.G. CNR CNB & Chevanston)

Update 5/11/13 #3 - 6:20 pm  - Just noticed Ms Demeanor's post at 4 pm showcasing the same duct tape this writer noticed while taking shots of the Common Cups exterior. Nice to have a female perspective on the situation.

Update 5/11/13 #4 - 7:30 pm  - Alex Parker fills in for regular reporter Benjamin Woodard and he filed his report exactly one hour ago. It is confirmed that a stolen Mistubishi Galant was used in the drive-by shooting and it was reported that no one was actually hit or injured.

        Unmarked police car stands guard at the Morse and Greenview intersection. There is a section of glass in the front of Common Cup that has been duct taped, where logic would dictate is where the bullet entered. Everything looks okay, the coffee shop is packed, tons of little kids and parents around and the usual passerby. No gangbangers to be seen anywhere. The time these photos were taken was shortly after 5 pm. The Historical society was closed, their hours on Saturday are 12-4 pm, but they should have been open at the time of the shooting.


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

In the main blog post the author could've said I told you so. Better to just to that in the comments section.

In the past (a year or so ago, the actual conversation on everyblock is obviously gone) I did get into an argument with Ruth about the coffeeshop not calling the cops on loitering occuring on their corner (across the street). Because from past experience gang loitering leads to shooting. I was told by Ruth that "they weren't doing anything wrong".

This is still the only coffeeshop this author will not set foot in and cant say Im surprised this happened. Though Im not happy it did. Coffeeshops are supposed to decrease violence.

Is this soley the fault of the coffee shop? Nope. There is a four plus one right by them that is a haven for crime.

Also for atleast a year or so I picked up the corner of Greenview and Morse without any help or thanks from Common Cup. And the trash was really bad.

Hopefully it will be safe and friendly to visit the Common Cup someday, but for now this author finds it is just too dangerous.

Craig Gernhardt said...

It's a worn out saying, Jeff-0, but if you allow the gangbangers to change your routine, they win. I applaud Ruth for continuing to go about her business.

In fact, I'm heading there now for a cup of coffee. Why not stop by and pick up some trash laying around. Bring a pair of grass-cutting shears, too. I got some wild grass to cut at Morse and Wayne.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

That's true Craig.

Just pointing out that this writer got a lot of push back trying to help out at that corner and that breeds resentment. I did pick up the corner this am too.

Perhaps I should bring an olive branch?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Either way loitering shouldnt be tolerated there to prevent any further gunfire.

Per Joe Moore on
"Fortunately, no one was shot or otherwise injured. The police believe the incident stems from an ongoing feud between the "LOC CITY" and "Insane Cutthroats" gangs. The police are looking at several "persons of interest," but no arrests have been made."