Friday, May 3, 2013

Define Wealthy

News without context

             According to there are many wealthy white residents in Rogers Park. That has become a common theme with lately. Blah blah blah blah blah blah say, or blah blah blah says blah blah blah. Sensationalism sensationalism say or ridiculousness says the ridiculous. The headlines are rather predictably, safe and politically correct with They are not one to take sides; just there to try to create controversy.  What is missing from is a genuine voice, opinion or backbone i.e. editorials. Where is the modern day Mike Royko? Where is someone with a real opinion? Where is someone without a smarmy safe tagline and an honest thought in their head?

Definition of wealthy according to in 2011
 A recent survey of 1,000 millionaires echoed Frank: 42% stated that it would take "at least $7.5 million" to make them feel wealthy. The poll, which was undertaken by Fidelity Investments, came up with an interesting correlation: On average, the respondents had $3.5 million in assets ... roughly half the amount of money they would need to feel secure
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            According to the article wealthy means the following "Of those surveyed on Election Day 2012, the vast majority were English-speaking, gainfully employed and white." Wealthy means you don't need to work because you have a ton of money. Earning a decent living with a good job means you are financially secure, but not wealthy. Where went wrong is presenting two viewpoints as if they had equal merit. They don't. It is possible to report on an issue and to also do your own research with your own view.

                 Rogers Park is not a wealthy white community at this moment in time. But due to market forces it may be in the future, who knows? But probably not, if you want that move to Kennilworth. The true anchor in Rogers Park's status and economy presently belongs to the dreaded one percent that Occupy Rogers Park rails against nonstop (James Pritzker). Honestly the first time that Chevanston's founder first saw Jim Ginderske the driving force behind Occupy RP on Broken Heart of Rogers Park he looked like Vince Vaughn and a happy go lucky guy looking to make a name in Chicago politics. But as the days and years pass by he looks more and more like someone trying to hold back the sands of time. Places and fortunes change due to forces larger than you or me. 

                When this writer was a wee tyke the suburbs were the big boys who held most of the power. The tide has now turned and the cities are gaining more wealth, power and influence. Is this morally good or evil or is it just the way things are nowadays? Should we tilt at windmills no matter what logic dictates? Headlines matter and this latest one from is complete B&^**#$%. Craig Gernhardt once used that word in a tweet and it was one hundred percent warranted. 

               Dear Mr. Anonymous writer of, if you were truly wealthy plus or minus white would you be living in Rogers Park trying to do battle with the nonstop self righteous members of Occupy Rogers Park? Or would you just open up a tea house in Highland Park like laid back local rock star Billy Corgan? Occupy Rogers Park is officially attacking Joe Moore and has exposed itself to be the enemy of progress of our city and our neighborhood. This alderman has done more for our fair neighborhood of Rogers Park than any other and just sits idly by trying to make a quick buck on a cheap headline. 


Jeffrey Littleton said...

I wouldnt bet too much on RP becoming gentrified just because Pritzker has property there, they own property worldwide in thousands of places.

DNAinfo does a good job in my opinion, unlike these anonymous blogs they actually interview people, quote sources etc. ya know journalism.

That is why bloggers are not real journalists just people with journals.

Local media has always been a bit quirky but I will take DNAinfo over the asesnine Redeye and celebrity news any day.

Blair Wentworth-McCormick said...

Simple solution. All ORP members get 5-votes per person. Ex-cons, junkies, activist bloggers & pimps 4 votes. Pimps' GFs, bicyclists (including pizza delivery boys), drunks & bipolar individuals 3 votes. Vegans, tree huggers & socialists 2 votes. Single women with cats 1 vote. All white people who earn less than $500,000 per year 1/2 vote. Voila. Problem solved.

Philip McGregor Rogers said... does a decent job sometimes.

With this article not a very good job, because it sensationlizes a non issue.

Rogers Park is not a wealthy community. Some upper middle class, some educated, some middle and lower middle class and poor too. Pritzker would be the only wealthy resident, but he doeesnt live in Rogers Park

Jeffrey Littleton said...

Rogers Park is a stable community, there are drawbacks to becoming gentrified so be glad RP has less.

I am not saying ignore the problems, bust embrace your community as is. Longing for gentrification is a weird excersize in futility. Life is short.

Just because RP is on the lake dont mean hippies will love you and move there, if they are going to live that far north many will keep going to Evanston. That is the RP/Jeffo connundrum......too far from the loop and too close to Evanston.

But RP is getting better anyway, it is a stable neighborhood and that is something to be proud of. So what was this post about agian...........:)

Philip McGregor Rogers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Philip McGregor Rogers said... and Benjamin Woodard will call someone on Anderson versus Andersonville with the Tribune, but when Occupy Rogers Park claims that the Alderman serves the wealthy only he has nothing to say.That is weak.

Wealthy means you don't have to work another day in your life. And you have more money then you know what to do with. AKA the one percent or less. The one percent don't live in Rogers Park.

Tommy Chipgard said...

Is this post really about gentrification and wealth or is it about a small blogger preaching up to a professional journalist about "standards"? Is there a note of ORP-sympathizing here? JL thanks for asking "what's this post about agian (sic)."

JeffreyLittleton said...

This post is ALL about me.......and a smashed up garbage can.....a pricey garbage can at that check it out.

Call me a small preacher all ya want Cheeto bag. Professional? Riiiiiight....:...hara har har!

JeffreyLittleton said...

So what is up with the smashed up garbage solar can?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Never had time to post it. A month or two ago there was a bad accident at Devon and California.

So the answer is nothing really. Perhaps its symbolic of today's leading new source, brand new but broken?

All facts with no context?

That's what it means.

JeffreyLittleton said...

When your healthy your wealthy.

Sorry bout the solar can.

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