Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Network 2424


           This is Chevanston's contribution to Beat & Network 2424 (Chase and Wolcott). So far Bernard Garbo is the sole poster (at least since 2010 there were various neighbors on there previously including Ann Rainey herself) to this Quick Topic message board. Which is too bad because the Quick Topic message board that Ann Rainey set up for her 8th ward just on the other side of Howard street has been a resounding success at getting neighbors to collaborate to keep the neighborhood safe. Network 2424 started in 2008, maybe things are much safer in that beat so that neighbor participation like it was in the past is not needed today? Likely the participation waned as Everyblock gained in popularity, but now that EB is dead, neighbors should return to discuss neighborhood issues.

       "Welcome to Network 2424's Main Board Our goal is to build a stronger community through neighbors sharing information and getting to know each other. No ANONYMOUS posts allowed. Posts must include either your name or first name and location within Network 2424. "

           Perhaps a quick topic message board would be more successful with Joe Moore at the helm. People are using Facebook to report problems, but isn't as useful a format. People may be put off that you can't be anonymous where you could be with Facebook. Next meeting for this beat is May 23rd 2422, 2423, 2424 COMBINED Beat Meeting Location: 7212 N. Clark Street at 7-8 pm. Here are links to a now a local defunct blog covering the former Ho named  the Rogers Park Inconsistent here and here.

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