Monday, May 27, 2013

Brick Building @ 7300 N Damen Post Mummification

            Not sure how this is an improvement. But to each his own. The natural brick facade is now covered by a white synthetic material. The building now has a face only its mother could love. The correct way to fix this building would be to have it tuckpointed, this is reminiscent of the bad old days when instead of fixing your ceiling you simply installed a drop ceiling.

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        The above photo was taken this past Friday. The mummification process was about half done, the workers at the right side of the picture were packing up for the day.


Melvin Grundy said...

It's hard to tell from the photographs but are you sure they aren't going to do vinyl siding over the insulated material? I did vinyl siding in my hometown years ago and we often started with a layer of insulated foam board. Still not the best solution tho.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

No its not Mr Grundy. This is just a patchwork job. Some day this building will just fall apart like the Old Ho next door. (The Ho was the name of the bar next door, weird name I know)

It famously fell apart and an emergency demo order was put in by the city this last fall.

Davey said...

It's some kind of insulation. They're going to pup vinyl or some other siding over it. Looks like they're looking to sell it, or get out from under city pressure. The building isn't that bad looking if you take away the junk signs and tuckpoint. The vinyl/whatever will be much worse.

I was walking by today and thinking if the whole corner was knocked down there would be a pretty decent lot for something interesting to grow. But no such luck for this cursed corner, I guess.

JeffreyLittleton said...


The material looks like the underlayment for that fake stucco exterior, a fiber mesh and skim coat of lightweight cement and viola its done. A brand name is Dryvit.

But yea it is cheap crap, causes a lot of problems in the long runbut what have you.