Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Big Shoulders PR Event @ Towbar Rescheduled

          This morning  Big Shoulders Coffee was to hold a public relations event (to promote their coffee and give away free swag) at the recently opened Towbar at Jarvis and Greenview. It was rescheduled due to the inclement weather. Was always curious about this coffee which is for sale at Taste whose proprietors recently took over the former Charmers space. Big Shoulders Coffee is located at 1055 w Chicago avenue, and here are some photos which the Sun-Times took. The coffee shop earned four and a half stars on the Yelp site. Will post any update as to when Big Shoulders will be there as info becomes available.

Update 5/30/13 11:30 am - Big Shoulders was outside this morning giving away free samples of coffee, their medium roast (which as explained by Anthony Burud is a much better roast overall because dark roast burns the beans). Don't know a lot about coffee but from his explanation you can tell they know what they are doing. The Heartland Cafe has been brewing their coffee since this past July. Big Shoulders is relatively new to the scene of Chicago coffee and a welcome addition, there was a time when this writer was wondering when the monopoly of Metropolis and Intelligentsia was going to be broken. Always good to have different coffee to try and this is above average coffee. Anthony was in front of Towbar giving out free coffee as late as 9:30 am this morning.

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