Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Brighter Future Lies Ahead For Farwell Pier


             Things are looking better at Farwell Pier. (Above left - The Buddha head dreams the day away sometimes about the various shipwrecks of Lake Michigan over the past couple hundred years.)  It all depends upon your perspective (which is why neighborhood blogs are important as record keepers). Some people are glass half empty and some are glass half full. It would be naive to think that everything is peachy keen a year later. Graffiti still mars the pier but much less so than last year. There are still people fishing at the pier enjoying the beautiful lake and city. Chevanston decided to walk with the best foot forward first on this post (above photos are glass half full). It would be foolish to not give a balanced view of Rogers Park. (Above right - rip off of Andre the Giant icon - Obey(Shepard Fairey)).

Please continue reading for more pictures (glass half empty)


              The bad news is, is that the Kings have staked this as their turf, but none were present this fine morning. The Buddha head suffered a black eye and someone wrote on his forehead while he was meditating. The graffiti present on the pier is hastily written, of poor quality and fairly recent. It isn't the mess it was a year ago. The wings once at the top of the pier haven't been restored, but the base of the pier by the sand has remained free of graffiti. And the formerly non-functioning red beacon now warns passing ships that land is nearby.

            If people keep at it and keep covering over the graffiti, then good will prevail. The end game scenario would be a tagger tagging everyday of the year and someone covering over it everyday of the year and then eventually the buffer and tagger would be standing next to each other while the tagger tagged and the buffer buffed the tagging into eternity. Not likely to happen. Only by pointing out problems can they be solved and there is no way that the pier (which is the most important nautical landmark in Rogers Park) should ever be covered in graffiti for more than one day.  

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