Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Next Door - Another Corporate Run Site For Rogers Park


              Looks like net neighbors haven't learned their lesson. They have decided to go from one corporate owned site to another to discuss neighborhood issues. Postcard, phone number or credit card number are required for membership; a huge hassle to sign up for this service or website which the general public can't view (maybe that's the point). The last site that was corporate run (Everyblock) had its plug pulled with zero notice this past Febuary. This writer promises to never take this site down, so any work done (words and pictures) here won't be lost. There are cliques on the internet already, and this forum which you can't even view unless you sign up for with personal info creates an even more exclusive site for neighbors to voice their concerns in quasi secrecy which could be shut down at any moment.

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All that is visible without a login account of the Rogers Park forum

              C.H. Morse Jr's ghost himself stated on Joe Moore's Facebook site that he thanked Joe Moore for taking a firm stand against resident complaints on the Next Door site. The general populace who choose not to sign on to this new website will never know what the squabble was about however. Everybody wants to have their own say and be able to create their own posts and content on a site where there is fairness for all. The problem is, is when its run by a giant corporation these posters have zero control of the future of that site.

             Conversely it is possible that Blogger could shut down, but that isn't likely as independent, group and corporate run blogs are still quite successful and widely read. This blog is for the neighborhood and yes it is biased and has its own views just as Uptown Update does. Neighbors can contribute if they wish, as Helen did for a very short time. In this writer's opinion its time for the neighbors to come of hiding and discuss issues and concerns on the visible 'net, on a site (any site) which isn't corporate controlled.


Stanley Katakowski said...

At least on Nextdoor they ain't got no censorship. That's a huge plus in my gosh-darned book.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Its not visible on the regular net though. That's a major problem. Rogers Park and any neighborhood worth its salt will need an alternative to some decentralized site.

This site is here to keep for history sake and for general neighborhood reference, something we can't do with the now defunct Everyblock

Stanley Katakowski said...

Ahh come on man. Charles H. Morse has an account on NextDoor. Betcha can get one too, Mr. Rogers if ya try. Gotta lot more neighbors over there chattin' it up and chewin' the fat. Theys seem like pretty nice folks. And them nextdoor folks got a solid business goin'. Ain't no craphole like Everyblock or Morse Hellhole that's for sure.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Its a cliche but the poem "The Road Not Taken" had a good idea.

This writer prefers to stay in the public realm and NOT behind closed (next)DOORS.

Rude dude said...

I really don't want to play with those people anymore. Some guy tried to mug me in front of CVS and they did "blame the victim" crap on me even though I got access to the guy's miles long rap sheet and was told what drugs he tested positive for after they took him in.

Blair Wentworth-McCormick said...

Get with it or just leave it alone. Even your old buddy Gernhardt is getting on board and leaving you behind in the dust. And that NOH Helen is on board and stirring up stuff. Chevanston is in the slow lane.

JeffreyLittleton said...

I joined nextdoor just with my address...no credit card and all that. It's a lot easier then mentioned above.