Monday, May 6, 2013

This Chicago Park District Sign Is Sponsored By Rising Phoenix Tattoo & The Polkaholics

           Benjamin Woodard (founder of Rogers Park News and reporter/producer for pointed out to Chevanston on May 5th a defaced sign @ Loyola Beach on Twitter. (@Chevanston What’s this?!? Not cool, that’s what. This is not the right way to advertise, by vandalizing our city and making our signs illegible. Who did this? Doesn't matter, it isn't okay and shouldn't be tolerated. We need a task force to take care of this in our fair city of Chicago because sticker vandalism on our city signs is reaching epidemic proportions. (sorry for being so harsh on your latest article, editorials would be a great addition to have on, especially on hot button issues, but it is also good to have unbiased coverage as well. Great picture, must give credit where credit is due. Miss the old look to but the new site still has a great format)

Please continue reading for more pictures & to find out what this sign says

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