Monday, May 6, 2013

Participatory Budget Results 2013 & Restoration Of Brick Paved Glenwood Avenue Wins Second Place

            "We propose restoring the "cobblestone" street surface on southbound Glenwood Avenue between Lunt and Farwell. The cobblestone surface has been damaged and covered in concrete due to various construction projects in the area resulting in flooding, surface heaving and treacherous conditions. Restoration of the "cobblestone" (brick paved) street surface will include the removal of concrete replacement area. This will ease flooding while enhancing and sustaining the quaint, charming and historic atmosphere of Glenwood Avenue."

Joe Moore has released the Ward 49 PB 2013 results

The winners are.....

  • Urgent sidewalk repairs for $80,000 (864 votes)
  • Glenwood Avenue cobblestone restoration between Lunt and Farwell avenues for $150,000 (642 votes)
  • Sheridan Road engineering study for $30,000 (579 votes)
  • Touhy Park cherry trees and water fountain for $29,800 (578)
  • Clark Street bike lanes between Howard and Albion avenues for $75,000 (527)

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