Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mayne Annex, A Fine Addition To Morse Avenue

Are you being nice? Big Brother is watching.

        Newly completed Mayne Annex sits just to the east of the former Block Building (four plus one) currently known as Reside on Morse. Where Mayne Annex now stands used to be Mama's Fish, an ordinary two flat next to the old Cobbler's Mall. That was five to ten years ago. Google maps gets updated every few years so its important to screen capture certain photos while you still can, because this area has undergone rapid change in the past several years. There is probably an archive somewhere at Google with past street scenes though.

Please continue reading to see the Mama's Fish building 

         Bill Morton snapped the photo for the Yelp entry and it was uploaded to the 'net August 9th 2007. Annie S from Santa Fe, New Mexico writes that this is a "random restaurant" with a "random menu" which included fried fish, chicken and Korean food. The restaurant closed sometime shortly after that review and the building sat empty for years until it was knocked down this past summer (2012) so that J Pritzker could build the Mayne Annex next to the Mayne Stage (formerly known as The Morse Theatre)

            Mama's Fish moved up to North Chicago, Illinois, located just north of Lake Bluff and just south of Waukegan, Illinois, very close to the Great Lakes Naval Training Base. There are located on Sheridan road just north of MLK and it is a local hangout for sailors according to the reviews. There are three reviews and all of them are five stars. One reviewer states that they have "super dank fries". Two reviewers talk about how the bread is there to soak up the grease and they you must eat the bread. So if you are missing the previous incarnation of Mayne Annex, just head on up to North Chicago for some "down home" fried chicken and fish. Just remember to "leave wallet at home, bring small bills" because its a "scary hood, but don't be a wuss".

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