Thursday, May 9, 2013

No Dogs Allowed @ Loyola Park Beach?

          This sign is different than most that have been vandalized. This looks like the community at large making a statement. If you come here in the morning for a stroll you will see at least ten to twenty dogs with their owners on the beach and that isn't counting the dogs you will run into on your way to and from. Some dogs are even let off their leash for a short time and some bark like heck at each other. This sign looks very out of place here. Still doesn't look right with dogs covered in black paint.

Please continue reading to see sign after black paint removed

             After the sign was restored the dogs on the beach magically disappeared! 


Stanley Katakowski said...

Thanks for fixin' dat. Every owner thinks their dog ain't no harm to nobody but nobody can predict what they'll do when they's around other dogs. That's why we gotta have laws against off leash runnin' around and crap. Plus some people got the goddarned allergies and it ain't cool to have them dogs fluffin' all over da place.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

No problem Stan. Dogs and beach seems like a natural fit. But there are always a couple of screwy pooches to ruin it for everyone.