Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rebranding Gale Math & Science Academy?

            The following pdf was written by Jason Lemberg a youth specialist for HOW (Housing Opportunities for Women) as a proposal to change the culture of Gale Elementary School through community involvement and technology. One of the ideas he puts forth is embracing the moniker for North of Howard "The Jungle". If memory serves this writer correctly "The Jungle" referred to the large amount of house plants  locals kept in their apartments. The author wants GMSA to be a source of pride for the community, a lofty worthwhile goal. Judging by the number of flags planted at Joe Moore's doorstep Gale  is represented by many parents who already value this important community school. But any novel helpful ideas to help improve the education our local youth receives is worth a discussion.

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mcl said...

>'re absolutely correct when you note that the original connotation of ...."the jungle"....referring to Germania aka NoH, was the fact that during the neighborhoods' 'heydays', 20's, 30's people would marvel at the amount of houseplants that filled virtually all the sun-rooms of the buildings, large and small..i.e..."Wow, look at all the plants looks like a jungle." This was told to me in the 1970's by Carol Santry, at the time was in her mid 80's, and ran a small bar located in the Broadmoor Hotel on Howard Street.

mcl said...

I've always thought 'we', the neighborhood, should 'brand ourselves' playing on our location, location, location, i.e., Germania..."At the Top of Chicago!" or.... "On Chicago's North Coast!"
BTW, for a bit of history on the neighborhood see today's post on