Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Increased Police Presence On Morse

View From Morse Gyros (Where Gangs Aren't Welcome)

          The gangs have returned with the nice warm weather we have been having lately. If gang loitering is tolerated, shooting inevitably follows (see Common Cup). Gangs like to shoot at gangs, so if you see a gang hanging on a corner you have to call 911 and report loitering. Morse is a gang hotspot where loitering of this sort just isn't tolerated. There will always be drug deals going down as long as there are drug addicts living in the neighborhood  (see Threshold Grais on Wayne ave), but that doesn't mean we should tolerate gang loitering or the drug dealing.

Please continue reading for update (6/5/13 - police whisk away gangs from Morse & Wayne), more pics & words

Golden Mini Mart proprietor checking out the situation 6/5/13

          Thanks men in blue for helping keep Morse safe, us regular citizens have been helping as well with not giving into gang intimidation, picking up trash, keeping the planters free of weeds and dead grass (thanks Craig Gernhardt). Recently the gang tried to reestablish itself within Morse Gyros but Faisal Dossal took care of that problem once he got word of the situation. It is unacceptable for any gang to try to use Morse Gyros or Morse for that matter as their base of operations for loitering and dealing drugs. The gangs will be persistent but so will everyone else in reporting any gang intimidation or loitering.

Faisal discusses recent events with neighbors 6/5/13

Update 6/5/13 3 pm - As can be seen by Craig's latest tweet "Craig Gernhardt @CraigGernhardt
Gangi sweeps on Morse. http://fb.me/28EvFFRJ6" the cops are pushing the gangs off of Morse with help from Golden Mini Market and Morse Gyros.


Craig Gernhardt said...

Sadly, we've got a big problem brewing on Morse. It sucks people like you, Faisal, your mom and I have to stand on the front line and say, "enough is enough." The Morse Ave. GD's know we are trying to shut them down - and are getting pissed at us.

It feels like I've got a big target on my back. They hate me more now than when I ran my blog.

Where's CAPS? Where's the positive loiterers?

I guess they're too busy posting bullshit on Nextblock.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Who cares if they are pissed? I say.

Morse Avenue is pissed off at them, enough is enough, Morse wasnt redone so that their reign of terror could continue. Its over. They cant run Morse Gyros and the mini mart any more.

There was a follow me on Friday at Morse Gyros, does Joe Moore have a habit of going to gang controlled restaurants?

This is something I will talk to the alderman's office about and Mayne Stage.

Does Mayne Stage want a gang controlled restaurant across the street?

That would be bad for business.

We the community are pissed and sick of the gangs trying to control that corner. Its a new beginning now and they have to accept it. I know how their intimidation works and its bullcrap. No one is safe with them around. Why?

BECAUSE THE GANGS HAVE TARGETS ON THEIR BACKS EVERY SINGLE DAY and those aiming for them are lousy shots.