Thursday, June 20, 2013

Artist On The Wall Procrastinator - Will Paint Later

Slacker artist hogging prime real estate

              Spots 21 and 22 are still blank as of this morning. There are usually a couple spaces like this every year. How long do the artists have before the spaces are redistributed? There was another space that was just painted all green. By leaving a space like this lie fallow runs the risk of a renegade painter taking advantage of the situation. Phone died before all the great canvasses painted this year could be photographed. One that immediately stood out was a Kurt Cobain T Rex belting out Smells Like Teen Spirit. B1E Gallery painted a great Bat Signal.

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JeffreyLittleton said...

The magic happens when it happens. A lot of artists myself included have to work other gigs too and the free for the community stuff has to wait.

If you want to see some slackers your actually paying for pension included drive by and photograph a Streets and San crew.